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May 09, 2015
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“The landscape in Wadi Rum gives you the feeling of being on Mars, and the night sky reminds you how small we really are,” says Farah Foudeh (@farahfoudeh), who lives in Amman, Jordan. The 23-year-old grew up in Nigeria, but says she always found a way back home to Amman where she spent summers as a child. Farah spends her spare time hiking and exploring her surroundings and her love for Jordan led to a job on the local tourism board. “I am a sucker for silhouettes,” she says, naming Wadi Ibn Hammad and Wadi al Kerak (pictured) as great places to shoot. Her favorite location is the Dead Sea at sunset or sunrise. “The stillness of the Dead Sea mirrors the colors of the sunset perfectly on a clear day.” For more from Farah’s #LocalLens on Jordan, visit the Instagram blog.
Photo by @farahfoudeh
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