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January 28, 2019
من كلمتي بالأمس خلال افتتاح المبنى الجديد لأكاديمية تدريب المعلمين بحضور وتحت رعاية سيدنا
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No one is more worthy of the responsibility of educating future generations than those who have chosen to learn in order to teach. Those who have left the sanctuary of their homes outside of Amman to attend their classes… who head out before sunrise to master lesson planning techniques, how to develop examples of math’s practical uses in daily life, and how to create a classroom environment that encourages inquisitiveness and learning. This is ambition; this is the foundation of citizenship; and these are the values that Your Majesty seeks in the builders of the future. Our teachers are your soldiers, and they are here today, arming themselves with the knowledge and determination to bring up generations who are confident and capable of conquering the challenges of their time – From my speech yesterday at the inauguration of the Queen Rania Teacher Academy’s new premises, attended by and held under the patronage of His Majesty
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