Queen Rania’s Remarks at the Earthshot Prize Innovation Showcase - Dubai, UAE

February 10, 2022

Congratulations to all the 2021 Earthshot Prize finalists on their inspiring work.

And thank you to the leadership of the United Arab Emirates for hosting this World Expo… to the Duke of Cambridge for his vision and dedication… and to DP World for hosting our gathering.

This World Expo was meant to happen in 2020, but COVID had other plans. Still, it kept its name. And, in that spirit, let’s travel back in time to that year.

Amidst the anxiety of pandemic lockdowns, we saw a glimmer of hope.

For just a moment, our planet healed. The streets were quieter. The air was cleaner; the water clearer.

But that didn’t last.

Today, our shared environment is under strain.

Here in the Middle East, temperatures are rising, while water supplies are shrinking. And we’re not alone. When it comes to the environment, every region is under threat.

The question now is: What will be our future?

And I’m hopeful.

Because the future is these finalists—and so many like them around the world.

They remind us that human ingenuity is the ultimate renewable resource. The fuel we need to save our planet rests in our own heads, hearts, and hands.

And when we tap it—as these young leaders have—we see such possibility:

Farming coral on land…

Providing grid-free electricity…

Harnessing and selling the sun…

Ensuring no waste goes to waste…

Bringing concrete seawalls to life.

But, exciting as these bold initiatives are, we’re all in a race against time.

To realize the hopeful future before us, we need to work as one.

Last year, a survey of 50 countries representing half the world’s population found that nearly two-thirds of people agree: Climate change is an emergency.

So, we have the mandate for collective, urgent action. Now, all we need is the will.

Imagine the progress we could see, if proven, community-based projects like the ones we heard about today had more capital and commitment behind them… If patrons and partners stepped up to bring grassroots solutions like these to scale?

Together, we’d realize the problems that seem overwhelming are actually manageable.

Together, we’d see we can heal our planet…

Every sector has a role to play—public, private, philanthropic.

And the bottom line could not be clearer: If we work together, everybody wins.

Our planet is begging us all to act… to keep our eyes on the prize.

Earth is our home… and this is our shot.

And if we take that shot together, we can all soar.

Thank you very much.