Queen Rania Inspects JEI Projects During a Visit to Princess Rahma Bint Al Hassan Elementary School

December 11, 2011

(Office of Her Majesty – Press Department- Amman) – Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah paid a visit to the Rahma bint Al Hassan Elementary school for girls today, where she inspected several Jordan Education Initiative (JEI) projects. JEI aims to introduce technology in Jordanian schools through innovative educational programs that encourage both students and teachers to take full advantage of their benefits.

Her Majesty was briefed on JEI’s “leveraging of technology in project-based learning” program, and a group of grade nine students from Princess Rahmeh School demonstrated working on an interdisciplinary activity that combined science research and ICT.

Her Majesty sat down with a group of students and teachers to watch a video highlighting the projects implemented and the impact of these projects on students’ learning at Princess Rahma Elementary School. A number of students shared their perspectives with the audience on the projects they were involved in, and how these projects influenced their learning and their personal growth.

Queen Rania talked about the imperative role of technology in schools, as an essential tool to better prepare graduates for employment and to empower them with the skills needed for success in the work place. Her Majesty also stressed the importance of participatory technology that provides the students with a more interactive educational environment, and an enhanced understanding of their studies.

The school’s principal, Rana Asfour explained the professional development opportunities that were offered by JEI, saying: “working with JEI, we managed to explore new learning opportunities and avenues with our students, and the response couldn’t have been any better. We saw a drastic change in the students’ and teachers’ outlook towards technology from fear, intimidation and skepticism to total appreciation and embracement”.

CEO of JEI, Haif Bannayan highlighted that challenges that JEI faces by saying: “The main challenge is facing the fear of breaking our traditional educational mould, but working with many schools across the Kingdom, one can see that there seems to be a general agreement that technology in the classroom is as vital as the blackboard. And that is ultimately our goal”.

Her Majesty also joined a group of second graders from Qissaria School in Sweileh, working on the Math Wizz program, which is currently piloted in four public schools, as part of JEI’s use of technology to promote math skills program.

The personalized learning with ICT project is piloted in two schools located in the less privileged locations of Um Abhara in Marj Al Hamam and Balqees in Al Qala’a. Students in both schools received notebook computers with 3G internet connectivity. The project aims at creating a radical change in learning and teaching practices through a student centered approach and an interactive and motivating environment, which is evident in the school.

Her Majesty remotely visited grade 9 students in the Balqees school in Jabal Al Qal’a from Princess Rahma Bint Al Hassan school via Skype and heard from them about their experiences and how students have mastered new computer skills In their English lessons.

JEI works in cooperation with the Jordanian Ministry of Education to perform need-assessment studies and implement different programs that introduce technology in Jordanian public schools.