Queen Rania Inaugurated the Wadi Al Seer Orphanage

October 27, 2009

(Office of Her Majesty, Press Department - Amman) The children of the Mathbet Dar Al Iman orphanage in Wadi Al Seer, shared with Her Majesty Queen Rania, on Tuesday, their hopes and aspirations for a bright and secure future. Inaugurated by Queen Rania today, the newly established shelter, offers support to orphaned children enabling them to acquire the skills and education to become independent, productive and integrated citizens in their communities, as they grow older. During her visit to the orphanage, Her Majesty toured the shelter’s facilities and observed the living conditions of 30 orphans, aged two through seventeen, housed in four adjacent apartments under the care of a staff that includes five female supervisors, a principle, one male supervisor, a cook and a janitor. The shelter also provides the children with medical support, a library, a computer lab, a prayer room, an indoor playground and the Kindergarten, where a group of ten orphans sat with Her Majesty while they engaged in a variety of activities and games. Six of the orphans from Dar Al Iman now attend university, thanks to a grant received from the Al Aman Fund for the Future of Orphans, another of Her Majesty’s initiatives. After touring the shelter, the Queen also visited several impoverished families in the area to check on their needs and the day-to-day difficulties they encounter. Their homes, constructed out of mere plastic and scrap metal pieces, are inhabited by more than ten family members, most of which are either unemployed or suffer from severe physical and mental illness. Following the visit, Her Majesty instructed that the families be moved to more suitable housing.