Queen Rania Visits Award-winning Rmeil Secondary School for Girls in Al Jizah and Commends Volunteers’ Work

November 23, 2011

(Office of Her Majesty – Press Department- Amman) – For their spirit of community, cooperation and volunteerism, Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah paid a visit to Rmeil Secondary School for girls in Al Jizah, today. The school, which won the Healthy School Gold Award during the Royal Health Awareness Society (RHAS) Ceremony earlier this month, is a Madrasati initiative phase one school.

Her Majesty greeted teachers and students in the first grade classrooms before proceeding to meet with school teachers and students as well as members of the local community to receive a brief about Madrasati’s, RHAS’s and other partners’ interventions in the school. A group of mothers talked about the impact of Madrasati on the students as well as the community, and their increasing involvement in the school after joining Madrasati’s efforts.

Her Majesty also met with the local community volunteers who have provided a pillar of support to Madrasati and heard from them about their work in the school. The volunteers, who come from different age groups and varied backgrounds from within the community, have enriched the Madrasati experience in the school and accelerated the speed at which all its improvements and programs where implemented. Reaffirming that, a volunteer explained: “the results are clearly visible and the fruits of our labor are here for all to see”.

Her Majesty commended the volunteers on their work and efforts, not only for helping Madrasati, but for helping the local community come together and work hand in hand to achieve a better educational environment for their children.

The Queen stressed the importance of volunteerism and the noble spirit that it embodies, adding that their work is as essential in developing local communities as that of any agency or governmental body.

Her Majesty also applauded their collaborative and cooperative efforts, through which Rmeil Secondary School for girls became a leading role model for other schools to emulate

Touring a number of classrooms and greeting students, Her Majesty watched an eleventh grade class performance where the young students put together a short sketch about ‘raising children up in the Badiya area’ for their colleagues. The Queen also dropped in on a third grade class “Learning English Language through phonetics”, and heard the students’ feedback on the new programs implemented in the school and the effect these programs had on them.

Her Majesty stopped by the school cafeteria where mothers prepare and sell healthy meals for the students. The group of mothers expressed to Her Majesty their joy in being part of the development of their children’s school, and their comfort knowing that their daughters are being fed healthy and nutritious meals.

The mothers’ work has helped the school to win the Healthy School Gold Award during the RHAS Ceremony on 2 November 2011.

Madrasati programs, workshops, and courses implemented in the school include first aid, personal hygiene, traffic awareness, parenting skill development, nutrition courses, illiteracy elimination classes, planting, extra curriculum activities, and career counseling.

The King Abdullah II Award for Physical Fitness and the Jordan Education Initiative programs are also implemented in the school.