Queen Rania Meets Chinese Prime Minister, Dalian Mayor, Discusses Areas of Cooperation

September 06, 2007

(Office of Her Majesty, Press Department - Dalian) Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah, reiterated the importance of the bilateral ties between Jordan and China during a meeting with Chinese Prime Minister, Wen Jibao. The Chinese Prime Minister, for his part, commended the efforts of His Majesty King Abdullah in the region and the world, and thanked Her Majesty for her participation at the meetings of the World Economic Forum, in her capacity as a Foundation Board Member. Queen Rania expressed her deep admiration of China's culture and history. She added that the world looks to China with admiration, not only for its remarkable economic performance at the world stage, but also for the way it addresses issues relating to education and health, commending its achievements in these areas, particularly with regards to the Millennium Development Goals. Her Majesty had also met earlier with the Mayor of Dalian to explore areas of mutual interest. During that meeting, Queen Rania lauded the Chinese example in reaching out to the rest of the world, and noted that Dalian clearly reflects that approach and has proven to be a model of sustainable and balanced development, with its emphasis on the environment, education and human resource development, foreign investment, and tourism.