Queen Rania Attends Meeting with Al Aman Fund Board of Trustees

November 30, 2008

(Office of Her Majesty, Press Department - Amman) Her Majesty Queen Rania on Sunday emphasised the need to expand Al Aman Fund for the Future of Orphans’ financial resources in order to absorb the increase in the number of its beneficiaries.
Chairing a meeting of the fund's board of trustees yesterday, Queen Rania also highlighted the importance of boosting its administrative competence, according to a Royal Court statement.

Her Majesty said it is important to look for sustainable resources to implement training and guidance programmes in order to help beneficiaries integrate into the community and the labour market, the statement indicated.

The fund was founded by Queen Rania in 2003 to provide orphaned youth with the necessary education and skills to become successful, self-reliant and productive members in the community when they turn 18 and leave their institutions.

Al Aman Fund Executive Director Maha Saqqa said the number of beneficiaries currently stands at 420, up from 120 in 2007, noting that the fund seeks to increase this figure to 1,000 orphans in the near future.

To maintain the services in light of the rising number of beneficiaries, Saqqa said the fund will enhance and increase training courses and boost networking with recruitment companies and private sector institutions to create jobs for the graduates.

Minister of Labour Bassem Salem, Minister of Social Development Hala Lat ouf, Central Bank of Jordan Governor Umayya Touqan, the fund's board members and private sector representatives were present at the meeting.

Participants reviewed the fund’s achievements over the past year including holding training and rehabilitation courses for 35 beneficiaries, who received certificates in academic and vocational sectors such as bachelor’s degrees in financial, banking, engineering, administrative and computer specialties, among others.

Twenty-three of these beneficiaries were offered job opportunities by the fund.

In addition, the fund took part in several recruitment fairs and cooperated with educational and service institutions to implement training programmes for graduates on skills needed in the labour market, according to the statement.

The fund also held 20 workshops on problem solving, time management and labour market skills that benefited 100 beneficiaries from across the Kingdom.

Its services have expanded to cover day-care centres and it is currently working with 25 centres for orphans. In accordance with the expansion plan, the fund will increase the number of centres covered as well as areas in the Kingdom, the statement said.

The fund is working in cooperation with the Ministry of Social Development to implement a pioneering programme and an early intervention model under which girls aged 13-17 are trained and guided on positive behaviour that will help them face future challenges after they leave the care centres.

A total of 150 girls from 10 care centres in Amman, Irbid and Zarqa will benefit from the project initially.

Before the fund was created, orphans used to face an uncertain future when they left their care centre after reaching the legal age.

In addition to paying for students' tuition fees, the fund covers cost of living expenses, food, clothing, transportation and housing.

It also provides beneficiaries with academic, psychological and social counselling services prior to and during their academic enrolment as well as internships, training and employment opportunities after graduation.

A not-for-profit institution that officially became a charity organisation in 2006, Al Aman Fund, which means "security" in Arabic, relies solely on contributions it receives from individuals and corporations to finance its operations.