Young people need to be at the heart of Jordan’s economy, because they will determine our country’s future.  To succeed, we must nourish their potential and energy. 
Many young Jordanians would seize the chance to go to university. They want to thrive and shine… to expand their knowledge, discipline their minds, and improve their prospects in the job market. They only lack the means and opportunity.
That is why we offer a variety of scholarship programs for Jordanian students and professionals. From management and marketing to design, business, finance, psychology, architecture, law, and many others, we are helping them expand their horizons and improve themselves.
Standards are high and scholarships are awarded to only the most outstanding achievers. This helps us locate and nurture those students with character, integrity, and the potential to become inspiring leaders of tomorrow’s Jordan.
Beyond individuals, these scholarships are laying the foundations for a more innovative and dynamic workforce.  As more Jordanians earn a university degree from institutions at home and abroad, we are filling the existing knowledge gap in the Jordanian labour market, and moving ourselves towards a more sustainable economic and social model. 
Our scholarships are opening doors for young Jordanians every year, taking them around the country and as far afield as Athens, Arkansas, and Arizona. For every one that graduates, Jordan’s workforce becomes more entrepreneurial, innovative, and dynamic… and the heart of Jordan’s economy beats stronger.
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