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Queen Rania Al Abdullah Scholarship Program

Current Scholarships

  • The American University in Cairo Scholarship (apply now)

  • Athens Information Technology (AIT) Scholarships (apply now)

Upcoming Scholarships

The application deadlines and the information pertaining to the below scholarships are to be announced.

  • The Marymount University Scholarship

  • Thunderbird Global Leadership Scholarship

Upcoming Training Programs

  • Athens Information Technology Training Program




The American University in Cairo

Athens Information Technology (AIT) Scholarships

This scheme offers 4 annual scholarships offered to Jordanian students interested in pursuing a post graduate degree in Information Technology. 2 scholarships are granted for each of the following programs:

A) Masters of Science in Management of Business, Innovation and Technology (MBIT)

Application deadline: July 18, 2014 & August 15, 2014 (two admission rounds)

Eligibility criteria:
- Applicants must hold a Bachelor University Degree
- Applicants must demonstrate competence in the English language (TOEFL, IELTS, CAE, CPE, etc.)
- Applicants should possess at least 2 years of proven work experience

Period of study: 12 months Full Time
Admission date: October 2014

How to apply:
Applicants are requested to apply on line by visiting our website at:

B) Masters of Science in Information and Telecommunications Technologies (MSITT)

Application deadline: July 18, 2014 & August 15, 2014 (two admission rounds)

Eligibility criteria:
- Applicants must hold a Bachelor University Degree
- Applicants must demonstrate competence in the English language (TOEFL, IELTS, CAE, CPE, etc.)

Period of study: 16 months miniumum, 24 months maximum
Admission date: October 2014

How to apply:
Applicants are requested to apply on line by visiting our website at:


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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Dear Majesty Queen Rania Al-Abdullah,
my names is mohammad ahmmad alewah i complete my study in diploma in flight engineering from queen noor civil aviation technical college with average 78.2 i have target too take Bachelor in mechanical engineering or flight engineering i hop your majesty going to help me because i have Ambition to complete my study

looking forward to hearing from you,
Best regards,
mohammad alewahDownload:

Sunday, May 15, 2011

As Jordanian women we tried to open many doors to have scholarship, but our chance really hard, we are not from development country to apply because this is one chance for all students I have seen in my life academic, and when we ask they say do ur government give scholarship. So we stop talk and ask

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Dear Queen Rania,

Going through the letters that have been sent to your majesty, i was surprised to see this number of successful ambitious young people asking for help!! I do not even know if they actually get help this way or not, but i guess when we are desperate we knock all doors.

well, i am just like all these young people, successful and ambitious, but my story is slightly different.

My name is Salma ALI, i am a Jordanian-Tunisian citizen and all my problems come from this fact.
I studied in Jordan until my 7th grade, when my mother moved to Tunisia and took me with her. i finished my studies in "lycée pilote de sfax" a school for brilliant students. After finishing my studies in IHEC (business university)I wanted to continue my master degree in France. when i graduated, i was the first at my university (best average in the university's history) unfortunately, this was not enough to get a scholarship from the Tunisian government because i am Jordanian!! people with lesser averages got the scholarship and i could not. my father asked the Jordanian ministry if i can get a scholarship, the answer was no because i did not study in a Jordanian university!!
I was admitted in EMLYON one of the top business schools in France and Europe, regarding my situation and my results the school reduced my tuition fees but the amount i needed to continue my studies was still huge! my parents -to whom i am so grateful- believed in me and took loans to help me. so i came to France and after one year i had excellent results, and again i am in the top of my class.
working, studying and worrying about the next year, i can say i passed a year of a fighter!!
After this year, i realized one thing that my academic results are not enough!! being smart, intelligent and a very hard worker is not enough. to get here i was the first in the top Tunisian business school, i passed three exams (TOEFL,GMAT, Tagemage) and two interviews in two different languages (English and French), i got excellent results in each. But still i did not get any help!!

I need your help to go through the next year and get my master's degree...I am asking as a Jordanian, Tunisian, Arab young woman who has faith that hard work will eventually pay off!!

looking forward to hearing from you,

Best regards,
Salma ALI

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Dear Queen,

I really appreciate your efforts on all fields, for me am 24 years old with Bachelor of Computer Engineering from Yarmouk University,am ambitious person with lot of motivations to work and study and continue my learning through worldwide universities especially USA or Canada, am ready to do that but i have no money to turn my dream into reality am doing very well am working about 20 hours per a day, but as u know lot of responsibilities and lack of money,i hope to have your help and i will really appreciate that, u may make my life better.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Dear Majesty Queen Rania Al-Abdullah,

Recently, I have finished my MSc degree in WebComputing and am wondering if I can complete my research path in Multimedia and web development. I have done my MSc theses in Distance learning which is become a strong aspect in our country, then to improve and enhance eLearning. I wish that to get (MSITT) scholarship to be effective part of your development learning team at UNRWA schools and other learning community in Jordan.

Hopefully to get that opportunity.
your sincerely,

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Dear Madam / Majesty, My name is Ahmed and I holds a bachelor degree in information technology, The wish of my life is only follow-up education and get a master degree and doctorate in a British university, or German, through a Scholarship Or grant or
a loan ,note that I've Made Contact with number of universities and they have been approved Me, but I lacked the funding I do
not have any money and disabled to work and do not have any Wasta other than Allah then you please help

I don't Know if i will be considered or not But Would Do i Know That its My Dream To Continue My Education and Get Master Degree And to learn More and More to be professional in my work and to support my country, working hard is the key to achieve my goals, and I'll be able do this through your generosity and kindness by
helping me, My Knowledge will result in expanded My Future
Please Help Me
My phone number is 0785278072 and email is

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

سيدتي ومولاتي صاحبه الجلاله , اسمي احمد وانا حاصل على شهادة البكالوريوس في تكنولوجيا المعلومات وان امنية حياتي الوحيدة هي متابعة تعليمي والحصول على درجة الماجستير والدكتوراه في احدى الجامعات البريطانية او الالمانية, من خلال منحة او قرض علما باني قد قمت بمراسلت عدد من الجامعات وقد تمت الموافقة علي ولكني افتقر التمويل ولا املك اية نقود ومعطل عن العمل وليس لدي اي واسطة غير الله ثم انتي ارجو المساعدة رقم هاتفي هو 0785278072 والايميل هو

Sunday, March 20, 2011
Aya N
Monday, March 7, 2011

Your Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah
Amman- Jordan
Date: March 6, 2011
Dear Madam,
Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Aya, I am 23 years old, I have graduated from Jordan University in 2009 with a bachelor’s degree in Business Economics, in October 2010 I started taking my diploma in associate nursing at Al-Khawarzmy college, since I couldn’t take a bachelor in Nursing for financial reasons.
Throughout my first semester and now second in nursing, I came to a realization that what I’m taking isn’t enough so I decided to apply for AUB accelerated nursing program, but the financial issue is still there.
I tried long and hard to find scholarship for nursing, and found out there are none for Jordanians, which got me thinking of why there isn’t such scholarships, the nursing field here in Jordan is underappreciated, for many reasons, but the main reason that comes to mind is that most people who enter nursing, enter it because their grades allow them not because their passionate about it. My biggest proof is that every single nurse’s reaction I have told my story to, “I finished university but now taking nursing” was “WHY? ARE YOU CRAZY?” When I explain to them my passion- which is I’m doing this because I want to volunteer in underprivileged areas they start laughing and say stick to business.
This made me more persistent to undergo my decision, but in order for me to have a better understanding, comprehension and know how I have to study more than a diploma, in this case an accelerated bachelor’s degree that is offered by the AUB…
The reason why I am writing this letter; I am seeking your support in providing scholarships in the nursing field, all I know is that I’m very passionate about nursing, and helping people, I have lots of energy flowing from me, I do have big plans to pursue in Jordan, most important is raising health awareness in remote villages, as well as educating people and women there, hopefully setting an example for others to start going into nursing out of passion, and maybe next time someone says I’m going into nursing the reply would be “Bravo, Go Ahead”.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

To your majesty queen rania.
First I'd love to give you my greetings
My name is Ghaith Mazin Marji, I am 15 years old, I was born in the USA and I live with my family in Jordan, I am now in the Tenth Grade studying at the Latin school in Al- Husn-irbid, Jordan.
During the last ten years, my school provided students with a good student environment and I had the privilege to participate in a number of student activities ( scouts, sports, social and arts activities ).
Today, I have a great interest in taking any available opportunities that will let me expand my learning horizons and enrich my knowledge, so that’s why I am writing to you , to ask for your help in getting a scholarship to attend an American High School to study the eleventh grade class ( School year 2011/2012 ) in the USA.
My goal is not only to experience the American way of learning but also to get the opportunity to experience the American way of life too.
As a young boy I've been in short visits ( three times ) to the United states ( about two months each time ) with my parents which was fun and joyful for me, but I didn't get the chance to experience the real feeling and joy of being an a American citizen and most importantly as a student, so I wish that I can with your assistance, set sail into the American ocean of knowledge that I always dreamed off.
Finally, I'm a young man who believes in himself and that I can do something great in my life for myself and others, so i can help my country and build up a better community under the Hashemite command.
Thank you
Ghaith M.Marji

Monday, January 31, 2011

To Her Majesty Queen Rania,

My name is Fatten A.M, a Jordanian citizen who wants to make both her Majesty and Jordan very proud.I have graduated with BA in Communication from Paris, France. I have learned from her Majesty how we, Jordanians, are capable to do anything for our lovely home, Jordan. I have this dream since I was just 7-year-old to be a filmmaker who reflects the true reality through his films and who makes the world better place to live in through his art. I have graduated with magna cum laude. Recently, I got accepted in NYFA ( New York Film Academy) for MFA in production and filmmaking. I have tried to search for any scholarship which support Art/media students but apparently it is hard to find one. I have this dream to feature my first film called Rania, talks about her Majesty and all her achievements. Since her majesty supports all Jordanian citizens in all fields of education, I am asking her to give me her generous hands to support my studies at NYFA. Please Your majesty believe in me as I believe in You !!!

I hope to hear from you soon !!!

I hope to hear from you soon.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

To Her Majesty Queen Rania,

I am Samah Al-Shatnawi, a Jordanian women in USA-PA who were accepted in a PhD program (Clinical Pharmaceutical sciences) in the United States. Unfortunately, my program do not fit any of her Majesty supported programs. but to complete my registration in the program where I were accepted in, I need to be financially supported. For that issue I've tried to contact the Jordan University of Science and Technology (JUST)in Jordan as I were employed at the college of pharmacy immediately after my graduation from the same college in 2009 as one of the best students who worth a scholarship that give the chance to join a higher professional program in pharmacy in USA, but with out any accepted reason they didn't respond to my request and I didn't get my own right in investing that scholarship.
My acceptance here in US was very competitive and hard but as being a fan of her Majesty, I've learned from her Majesty how to approve my self in such international situations and how to reflect the best image that the Jordanian womens have, therefore I've succeeded in that in an excellent way.
I am looking forward to get a hand from her Majesty either in supporting my study program or in helping me to get my scholarship from the Jordan University of Science & Technology, as I don't wish to lose more time away from my home country without harvesting the goals which can help me in serving my home country as soon as I go back to.

I hope to hear from you soon.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Your Majesty Queen Rania,

I am a Jordanian student doing my PhD in Medical education at the School of Medicine in the UK and I am a full time self funded student. I am now in my second year and I have one year to go to complete my studies.
I have been always a big fan of you and of your achievements. These have affected me positively and gave me inspiration to go for my dreams and to achieve my higher education.

I have managed to self fund my self to complete my studies through hard working and so far I have completed a master degree in medical education and now doing my PhD also in Medical Education.

Recently, I am really struggling to maintain my living expenses in the UK due to an unexpected personal situation that affected me and my family dramatically. I am afraid that this might effect my studies in the long run. I am writing to you as the last hope to support me in my final stages of studies. I am now in a stage where I do not know where to go and can not cope any more.
I hope to hear back form you.
I am writing to enquire if there are any financial assistant or hardships for Jordaninan students. I have been always a big fan of you

Recently, my eldest brother was diagnosed with brain cancer and this has affect my financial status as my family (main source of funds) are diverting all of the funds to secure my brothers treatment.

I hope to hear back from you soon,

Alia from Egypt
Friday, July 30, 2010

My name is Alia (named after HMQ Alia :)). I am a huge fan of her majesty Queen Rania and specifically share her aspirations and passion to fortify women rights and also plan to put my interest and concern to work by joining the proper networks and organizations that support and work towards this cause. I got accepted to IE's international MBA program, unfortunately I am not eligible to apply to the Queen Rania Scholarship although out of all scholarships it would be the one I would be most proud and honored of ever receiving. I hope that her majesty would consider a scholarship for middle-eastern women.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

I am so happy, I defended my thesis and I passed, the profs appraised my thesis. I am really so happy. I will send your Majesty a hard copy of my thesis next week, I hope that you'd read it when you have pleasure time. I am so into Ranianism. You have a great style of writing. I wish that you will read my thesis, or at least read the conclusion.
Love you my lovely Queeeeeeeen

Thursday, May 20, 2010

I am a Jordanian M.A. holder; I seek a PhD scholarship in women's studies. The above fields don't fit me at all. Her Majesty supports women all over the world, she is one of the most influential female leaders in the globe, I want to pursue my PhD in women's studies, I am so passionate in this field, I hope that Her Majesty will give some opportunities to this field.
My M.A. thesis entitled by Translatability of Feminist Stylistic Features in Queen Rania Al-Abdullah'Speeches, I studied how Her Majesty addresses her speeches to women, how she gets them involved in her topics, and how she steers them towards the beliefs she wants them to absorb. I am so into this field, I am trying to elevate my theories in Feminist Linguistics, I really need help. Her Majesty is one of the greatest feminist leaders; I hope that she’d award some scholarships in women’s studies.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

I am a Jordanian woman who were accepted in a postgrad program in one of the top schools of the US. However, I do not have the resources to do it so I had to give it up. Unfortunately, my program do not fit any of the above programs. I tried to contact the Jordan River Foundation to get assistance from HRM but with no answer. I am writing here as a last resort. If there are any scholarships for someone like me please let me know.