Queen Rania's UNF Press Statement on World Heritage Alliance

Amman, Jordan

November 01, 2007

"I am pleased to be here with fellow board members of the United Nations Foundation as we announce a new and exciting partnership between the World Heritage Alliance, Expedia and Jordan’s Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities. 

Thank you for visiting Jordan…for supporting Petra so generously…and for partnering with us to promote and preserve our ancient and awe-inspiring heritage sites.

We are delighted that so many people are coming to Jordan to enjoy the legacies of Petra, Quseir Amra, Um er-Rasas, and the many other cultural riches Jordan boasts. And with the help of this partnership, we look forward to welcoming even more.

But with this legacy, comes responsibility.

Sustainable tourism means that we must walk the delicate tightrope between sharing and showcasing the marvels built by our forebears, and safeguarding their vulnerable structures…so that future generations can enjoy the same sites we do today.

Sustainable tourism means that we remember that these sites, particularly Petra, are home to many Jordanians. Petra is a thriving community for whom the ancient architecture is more than a wonder of history and heritage, it is a valuable source of income. We must ensure that the people of Petra are full partners in its future, and build their capacity as responsible custodians of its timeless treasures.

Jordan’s Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities, our private sector, our civil society, and our people, pledge that we will take this responsibility seriously. We look forward to working with the World Heritage Alliance to ensure that all of Jordan’s timeless wonders are valued and venerated in a way in which our forebears would be proud.

Thank you very much."