Queen Rania's Speech at the Queen Rania Rehabilitation Center Inauguration - Cologne, Germany

University of Cologne - Cologne, Germany

April 03, 2007

"Danke schön, Professor Freimuth, for those kind words…and to all your guests and colleagues here today for their generous warmth and hospitality. I am very pleased to be with you all to open this wonderful clinic. 

And I am very pleased to be visiting Cologne for the first time too. The natural beauty of the Rhine, the magnificent spires of the Kölner Dom, and the unusual architecture of Museum Ludvig, attest to a proud and diverse history…making Cologne, as one travel writer said, a “city so good, you’ll want to dab it behind your ears!” 

From what I can see, Cologne’s present is just as distinguished as its past…and nowhere is that as marked as here in this state-of-the-art clinic and in your noble work.

When we think of children, we imagine them sliding down chutes, turning cartwheels, and kicking balls--experiencing the joys of childhood for themselves. Yet, sadly, too many are confined to watching the joys of childhood from the sidelines.

Your centre offers a prescription of hope for those children, and their families, who have missed out on some of the twists and turns that make the journey of childhood so exciting. 

Combining compassion and care with cutting-edge technology and medical expertise, your clinic enables children to stand tall, and regain their mobility one step at a time.

And with the signing of this agreement today, I am delighted that many of these benefits are set to extend beyond the walls of this clinic…to Jordan’s children, where we look forward to collaborative training for our doctors and physiotherapists…to sharing knowledge and know-how…and to building a sister centre that will continue this pioneering work.

 As a Doctor’s daughter I know the medical profession is full of challenges. But as a mother I know there is nothing more important than overcoming these challenges, especially when it comes to our children. That is why I would like to thank every Doctor, nurse, physiotherapist, and staff member for all you do to help children regain their legs, restore their spirits and rebuild their lives.

Thank you very much."