Queen Rania Visits Al Nashmiyat Charitable Society for Women Empowerment

February 13, 2023

(Office of Her Majesty – Press Department – Amman) - Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah visited Al Nashmiyat Charitable Society for Women Empowerment in Tabarbour on Monday, where she met with the board of directors and learned about their efforts to financially empower women within their communities.

At the society, Her Majesty met with its president, Amal Al Mawasleh and its board of directors to discuss their past initiatives and long-term goals. Her Majesty also stopped by some of the society’s facilities and workshops including, the kitchen, counseling room, and a sewing and fabric-recycling workshop, and browsed a selection of products made by the society’s beneficiaries.

Established in 2018, Al Nashmiyat Charitable Society for Women Empowerment aims to strengthen the role of Jordanian women within their communities and across various sectors through its economic empowerment projects and workshops. Its objectives include training Jordanian youth to become financially independent, supporting developmental and educational projects, providing underprivileged families with financial and non-financial assistance, and offering children and adolescents psychosocial support.

Since its inception, the society has spearheaded several projects including a workshop on the basics of sewing that trained a group of 30 women. The society has also launched ‘Dalili’, an online counseling platform for students run by 30 young men and women trained in providing psychosocial support.

Additionally, the society established ‘Qalb Amman II’, a business development incubator with the objective of increasing youth’s employability and entrepreneurial skills. Through funding from the European Union, the society is also holding a fabric-recycling project that is currently training a number of beneficiaries.

The society has entered several partnerships to widen its efforts, including one with the Jordan River Foundation (JRF) to train 90 women in embroidery and extend them the opportunity to work from home for a period of one year.

Besides workshops, the society leads a number of initiatives, including, providing academic support to Tawjihi students, and distributing food packages to underprivileged households, clothes, wheelchairs and medical supplies to people in need, and aid packages to Syrian refugees.