Queen Rania Visits JRF’s Training and Consultancy Center

November 16, 2014

(Office of Her Majesty- Press Department- Amman) Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah visited today the Jordan River Foundation’s (JRF) Training and Consultancy Center which provides training programs in the areas of child safety and community empowerment.

During her visit, The Queen stopped by two training sessions on child safety and protection. The first session titled ‘Early Childhood Training Operating Nurseries Foundation’ aims to support, promote and fund the establishment and operation of day care facilities in private sector companies.

The second session, which focuses on child protection and gender based violence, aims to provide and equip professionals, who work directly with abused children and adults, with the knowledge and skills required to assess children and women’s overall situation.
Queen Rania also met with a number of JRF’s staff members including JRF Director General Eng. Ghaleb Qudah, and Deputy Director Mrs. Danah Al Dajani, and stressed the important role each of them plays which contributes to the success of the foundation.

Commenting on JRF marking its 20th anniversary, Her Majesty said that the foundation must be proud of what it has accomplished so far, and said that this represents an opportunity for JRF to reevaluate its priorities and methods to meet the needs of individuals and local communities today. Queen Rania also noted that JRF must set clear strategies, identify effective measurement tools and avoid bureaucracy in order to achieve its goals successfully.

Also during the meeting, JRF staff members briefed Queen Rania on the foundation’s different projects and achievements, and talked about the various set of training courses offered by its Training and Consultancy Center.

Following the meeting, Her Majesty toured JRF premises and spoke with a number of its employees.