Queen Rania Visits Eskan Al Jam’a Mixed Secondary School to Check on JEI Activities

April 27, 2014

(Office of Her Majesty- Press Department- Amman) During a visit today to Eskan Al Jam’a Mixed Secondary School, Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah checked on the progress and outcomes of two educational projects carried out by the Jordan Education Initiative (JEI); "Fursati Liltamayyoz" and "Demoqrati" programs.

Through the Fursati Liltamayyoz project, JEI aims to bridge the gap between the outcomes of the education system and the needs of the job market by providing youth with advanced skills needed to improve their chances of employment in well reputed companies.

As for the "Demoqrati" program which was launched by the King Abdullah II Fund for Development (KAFD), JEI started to implement this project to help young people build their national identity and create positive attitudes towards their national responsibility. It also helps youth master the skills of dialogue and dealing with differences.

Both projects are being implemented by JEI in several public schools in Jordan.

Upon her arrival, Queen Rania entered the school library where mothers of students were attending a session on PC maintenance and safe internet usage. Her Majesty then checked on two computer labs where students were taking part in a mobile game development training session as well as a programming session with Oracle education tool (Alice) for students.

All three programs are part of the Fursati Liltamayyoz project.

The Queen also attended part of a session organized by the dialogue and volunteerism clubs, which are part of the "Demoqrati" program. The program is currently being implemented in 96 schools across Jordan and is held in partnership with the Ministry of Education and JEI.

At the schools theater, Queen Rania joined students who were watching a live broadcast session on first aid measures conducted by the Civil Defense. The same session was being broadcast to 5 schools in different governorates at the same time.

"Fursati Liltamayyoz" is an internship program that was launched in 2013 and seeks to enhance employability skills of school and university students and transform schools into ICT community hubs.

It is implemented by JEI in partnership with the Ministry of Education MOE, Ministry of Labour MOL, the Ministry of Information and Communications Technology MOICT.

During the internship period, interns will be provided with comprehensive soft and practical training courses coupled with a structured mentorship support system. Interns will then assist a number of schools targeted by JEI in applying, sustaining, and benefiting from the JEI model.

Interns will also share their experiences with local communities through developing projects based on the communities' needs. This will be followed by a 4 month on-the-job training in different companies.