Queen Rania Talks about Global Education with UN Secretary General and Reads "The Sandwich Swap" at UN Bookstore

April 27, 2010

(Office of Her Majesty - Press department- New York) Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah met, today, with UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon, where they discussed the United Nations new efforts to finance global education and ensure the 72 million children around the world denied an education, enroll in schools.

Also during the meeting, Ban Ki Moon lauded Her Majesty for her efforts to improve global education, especially co-chairing 1GOAL, and her constant support for UN Girls’ Education Initiative (UNGEI), and UNICEF.

Her Majesty and the Secretary General also emphasized the crucial role education plays in combating poverty, disease, and unemployment.

Following the meeting, Queen Rania, accompanied by Ban Ki Moon, visited the United Nations Headquarters to promote Her Majesty's new children's book, "The Sandwich Swap", which the Secretary General described as a creative way to reach a better understanding between East and West.

Introducing her book to children from the UN International School, Queen Rania talked about the motive behind writing "The Sandwich Swap", "It’s about children, just like you, learning that differences are cool...and that you don’t have to be alike to get along."

Wearing traditional dresses and surrounded with various traditional dishes, children listened as Her Majesty explained how people are unique because of their differences, " Maybe you pray differently, eat different food, decorate your homes differently, and dress differently...and that makes you special."

"It also means you’re just like our world today...because wherever we go, whether it’s America, Asia, Europe, or Africa, you’ll find people from all backgrounds and cultures living together." Queen Rania told the children.

Asserting our common humanity, Queen Rania added, " The funny thing is that for all our differences, we’re actually very alike. I bet you all like staying up late at the weekends...or going to birthday parties...or getting good grades in school...or someone telling you that they love you."

Her Majesty then read "The Sandwich Swap" to the children, and answered their questions about the story and its characters.

"The Sandwich Swap" is a children’s picture book from the Disney Book Group, written by Her Majesty Queen Rania and co-authored with Kelly DiPucchio. All Her Majesty's proceedings from the book will go to Madrasati Jordan.