Queen Rania Meets Talented Youth During Her Visit to IBDAA Charity Society

October 02, 2013

(Office of Her Majesty- Press Department- Amman) Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah met today with a number of talented youth supported by the IBDAA Charity Society, an organization that adopts talented young people between the ages of five and twenty, focusing on the less fortunate and attempting to improve their abilities.

Starting her visit to the society, Queen Rania met with Chairman of IBDAA, Maha Darwish, and other board members and received a brief about the society’s mandate, activities, and achievements since it was first established in 2008.

Darwish told Her Majesty that the society was able to support a lot of youth from across Jordan and has since its establishment financially supported 70 creative boys and girls to attend universities and major in different fields such as science, writing, art, and music.

Board members also explained to Her Majesty that IBDAA, in addition to supporting creative projects, also extends its support to help the families of the adopted talented youth, other people with special needs, as well as underprivileged families.

After the meeting Queen Rania toured the facility and had the chance to meet with society volunteers. Her Majesty also met with a group of youth with artistic and musical talents and had the chance to check on different projects undertaken by the group. These projects included short stories, painting, and theater. Her Majesty then listened to one of the youth perform a musical piece on the piano.

Queen Rania then met with a group of youth whose projects were of a scientific nature. The group showed Her Majesty their different projects and achievements, which included experiments for producing antibiotics for different diseases extracted from plants, inventing a jet engine - and an engine that runs on water, discovering and registering five scientific theories, inventing a sound wave device that repels mosquitoes, rodents and insects, and inventing glasses that help paralyzed people control their wheelchairs using their vision.

Before ending her visit, the Queen listened to a group of volunteers talk about the work they do with the society and shared some of the success stories achieved by talented individuals through the support of the society.

IBDAA, which is a non-governmental non-for-profit organization aims to create a national civil institution to help the public sector bear their share of social responsibility in building the nation and maintain its energies and creations.

The society’s vision is to become an association for creative and talented people at the regional level, to employ their creativity to the service of the Arab nations and limit their migration abroad.

In 2012, IBDAA held its first Arab Creativity Conference, with the support of Al Ahlia University, and introduced 80 creative participants between the ages of fifteen and twenty five to an audience of about 3000 people.