Queen Rania Meets Volunteers Who Provided Assistance to Citizens During Latest Snow Storm

January 18, 2015

Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah met today with a number of volunteers who helped Jordanians during the latest snow storm that hit the Kingdom. Her Majesty praised the efforts of the public and private sectors, as well as the individuals and volunteers who invested their own time to help out.

The meeting was attended by representatives from the various initiatives that worked during the storm, including “Jordan Snow Rescue Team,” “Jordan Volunteers (Takaful),” “Jordan 4x4 Club,” “Hand in Hand, Let’s Help (ايد بايد خلينا نفيد),” “and What You Don’t Need, We Need (الي ما بلزمك بلزمنا).”

Her Majesty also conveyed His Majesty King Abdullah II’s greetings and appreciation for their efforts, commending the volunteers on their professionalism and sense of responsibility that were evident in the high level of coordination between all concerned during the storm.

The Queen also said that helping one another in times of need is the best example of civic responsibility, noting that their professionalism reinforced trust in their capability, leading to their inclusion as part of the official overall emergency plan.

Queen Rania also expressed her best wishes for them for further progress, and hoped that they continue the work they do regardless of the challenges they face.

During the meeting, representatives showcased their efforts during the storm which included opening roads, rescue operations, first-aid support and in-kind donations to families in need.

The groups operated inside and outside Amman and relied on social media platforms for coordination and communication with the public, as well as The Civil Defense Department and various radio and television stations.

This year’s professional –volunteer- efforts were evident due to the improved level of cooperation and commitment, in addition to the increased number of volunteers. Moreover, their hard work was encouraged by official institutions in order to further cement contributions to serve one common goal, public service.