Queen Rania Discusses Coexistence and Interfaith Harmony with Youth & Visits Local Shop

March 02, 2015

Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah met today with a group of youth at Jasmine House in Amman to discuss the importance of coexistence and interfaith harmony as part of the Youth Association for Reality & Awareness (Y.A.R.A) coexistence activities.

Her Majesty was keen to show her support for the youth who are actively engaged in using platforms and media to express their opinions and ensure their voices are heard.

Queen Rania met with Mr. Amir Shihadeh, founder of Y.A.R.A, and a group of youth to discuss the importance of coexistence and interfaith harmony and observed examples of Jordanian youth working together to improve and enhance the mindset of religious coexistence, while promoting national unity and citizenship in Jordan.

Her Majesty said, “Engagement is the most important factor in creating harmonious coexistence, as it allows people to receive a firsthand encounter of a person, rather than through the opinions of others.” The Queen added that interacting with one another is the most crucial factor in promoting coexistence and getting to know one another on a human level rather than believing misleading stereotypes.

“Jordan has always been the leader in showing values of allegiance, cohesion, and belonging. This is what we should build on internally and reflect to the outside world through initiatives and programs that strengthen these values within our community in Amman and the rest of the country,” she said.

Attendees spoke about the spirituality of religions, particularly Islam, and their messages of peace and coexistence. They also discussed the ways the Arab World could utilize the media in promoting the true message of Islam and its peaceful values.
Sami Haven, founder of Jasmine House, spoke about his vision behind establishing a cultural and artistic space for artists and art lovers to meet and share ideas.

Her Majesty also dropped in on the local jam shop Namliyeh. Established in 2012 by architects and entrepreneurs Manal Abu Shmais and Aya Shaban, Namliyeh produces and sells seasonal varieties of jams made from natural organic ingredients without artificial additives. The produce is bought from several resources supporting local farmers.