Queen Rania Checks on Madrasati Construction Work in Irbid

May 12, 2013

(Office of Her Majesty- Press Department- Irbid) Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah visited today two Al Ashrafieh schools in Al Koura District in Irbid, to check on the construction work done by Madrasati initiative as part of its fifth phase which includes around 100 schools in the northern governorate.

Queen Rania started her visit at Al Ashrafieh Elementary School for Girls where she met with school principal Mrs. Zeinab Malkawi and teachers to discuss the infrastructure improvements and the extracurricular activities implemented by the initiative. Director of Madrasati Ms. Danah Dajani accompanied the Queen on her tour.

Following the meeting, Queen Rania checked on several workshops and activities carried out by Madrasati volunteers. In the second grade classroom, Ms. Hanada Rabab’a was working with students on producing artwork that reflects how the students perceived their school.

Her Majesty then headed to the computer lab where another Madrasati volunteer was conducting an introductory workshop about ‘Shabloul’, an Arabic website similar to ‘Google for Kids’ which encourages students to safely browse the web in an interactive manner. To date, Madrasati has introduced this website to more than 500 students from various Madrasati schools.

Before ending her visit, Queen Rania dropped in on one of Madrasati's local community planning sessions which included women from the local community, female members from community-based organizations, as well as female school principals from the area. Madrasati holds these sessions regularly to emphasize the important role the local community can play in improving the overall condition of the schools and enhancing the standards of their children's educational experience.

Her Majesty's second stop was at Al Ashrafieh Secondary School for Girls, which is also among schools included in Madrasati’s fifth phase. Queen Rania checked firsthand on completed construction work and the positive effects the improvements had on the school's environment and the teaching-learning process. Mrs. Intisar Al Mistarihi, the school principal, joined the Queen on her tour.

Queen Rania interacted with teachers and students as they took part in different extracurricular activities. One of the workshops, focused on understanding and utilizing principles of physics to create handmade cars, was being conducted by volunteers from the German Jordan University who were giving an orientation session to ninth graders on the definition of carbon dioxide (CO2).

Her Majesty then attended part of a mind-mapping session conducted by a voluntary initiative called "Sharek". This workshop was teaching students the different types of mind maps to help them study more effectively.

The Queen had the opportunity to speak with a number of volunteers from Jordan University for Science and Technology who were attending a session to discuss and plan their involvement in Al Koura schools during the summer holiday.

Concluding her visit, Her Majesty stopped by the school's computer lab where an online music teaching workshop conducted by "I3zif" was taking place. "I3zif" will be working in five Madrasati schools including Al Ashrafieh Secondary School for Girls. A music therapy program will also be given to behavioral high-risk students which would help them direct and steer their energy positively.

Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah launched Madrasati V in May 2012 aiming to positively affect the lives of approximately 30,000 students, their families, and their communities in Irbid.

Since its establishment in 2008, Madrasati has renovated and enriched the learning environment of 500 public schools across Jordan in urgent need of repair. To date, the initiative has benefited around 165,000 students.