Queen Rania Accompanies Their Royal Highnesses to the Charity Clothing Bank

December 24, 2013

(Office of Her Majesty- Press Department- Amman) Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah accompanied today Their Royal Highnesses Prince Hashem, Princess Iman and Princess Salma to the Charity Clothing Bank to drop off donations and check on the bank's services.

Launched by the Jordan Hashemite Charity Organization’s (JHCO) last October, the clothing bank provides underprivileged Jordanian families from across Jordan with clothes, shoes blankets, and toys.

Families shop around the 6,000 square meter ‘market’ which is open three days a week. Each family gets a specific number of items to take, free of charge, based on the family’s size and current conditions.

The clothing bank, located in down town Amman, depends solely on donations from individuals, companies, and different organizations. A number of volunteers assist in sorting out clothes, organizing the showroom, and helping families while shopping.

Secretary General of JHCO Mr. Ayman Al Mufleh said that they collaborate with the Ministry of Social Development and the National Aid Fund to provide them with lists of names of Jordanian families in need. The bank also benefits orphans, widows, and people with special needs.

The Charity Clothing Bank also works with the public and private sectors for logistic assistance.

The number of beneficiaries from the bank reaches 832 individuals per week. To date, the total number of beneficiaries reached 7,500. The initiative also aims to launch a “mobile market” to reach all the governorates of Jordan in coordination with the private sector.