Queen Rania Joins Madrasati Ramadan Activities

August 07, 2011

(Office of Her Majesty – Press Department- Jerash) – Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah visited Aleimoun Elementary School for Boys in Jerash on Sunday to check on the different Madrasati initiative Ramadan community activities in the school. The school was chosen to host the activities due to its central location to gather students from across the governorate and allow access to as many community members as possible.

The Ramadan activities program aims to celebrate the holy month with the students, teachers, and local communities through various interactive activities with focus on celebrating the spirit of giving, volunteerism and active participation.

During the visit, Her Majesty witnessed firsthand a number of activities that were taking place and greeted several groups of Madrasati volunteers all around the school. The volunteers were working as part of the Ramadan program, beautifying the school and enhancing its general appearance through painting wall murals and tree planting.

At the School yard, the Queen checked up on the sports session conducted in coordination with the Royal Health Awareness Society (RHAS), aimed at highlighting the importance of physical activity and healthy living during the holy month of Ramadan.
Her Majesty stopped by the Kite Making workshop, where 20 students were learning how to make kites, while fifteen other students took part in an interactive Story Telling activity.

Her Majesty also joined the parents, teachers and students for the “Positive Energy” workshop, which focused on the importance of embracing a positive attitude, and negating negative energy especially during the month of Ramadan. “Positive community spirit is all around us today” commented one participant, thanking Her Majesty and Madrasati for its efforts in bringing together the community, and instilling a sense of unity and positivity in its members.

Other activities taking place included ‘Making Art out of Copper’, where her Majesty joined the group in making Ramadan lanterns. In ‘Ramadan around the world’, students learnt about the different traditions that mark the holy month in diverse countries around the world.

In the Science Lab; mothers and teachers were given healthy cooking tips, and learnt how to make creative salads, desserts and snacks that are both healthy and easy to make. Two older women from the local community taught the rest of the group how to make ‘Gras Al Eid’, a local pastry. To top it off, a nutrition expert from RHAS provided the participants with nutritional information and healthy tips to adopt during Ramadan for them and their families.

Aleimoun Elementary School for Boys is one of Madrasati phase II schools. Various Madrasati programs were implemented in the school through their main partners: Jordan Education Initiative, Safe Schools (a Jordan River Foundation program), and Sports for Development.