Queen Rania Inaugurates Public Library and Drops In on Women's Associations in Ruweished

May 02, 2011

(Office of Her Majesty, Press Department- Rweished) Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah visited Al Ruweished today where she inaugurated the Municipality Library and visited the Ruweished Association for Women headquarters.

At the women’s Association, Queen Rania was briefed by Ms. Intisar Al- Asi, the Association’s Director, about future plans to develop the piece of land within the association campus into a park that will benefit the women and children in the area.

Her Majesty stopped by the “Knowledge Station” and attended a meeting with several female members of the executive board and three beneficiaries who briefed the Queen on the association’s accomplishments, needs, and how it benefited the area.

The Ruweished Association for Women, which was founded 16 years ago, is considered the only association in the area that implements women empowerment projects.

Dr. Firyal Saleh from the Community Centers Association (CCA) also briefed Her Majesty on the projects that they implement in the area in cooperation with the Ruweished Association and under the umbrella of the Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation (MoPIC), such as a dairy production unit, and providing training for the local community.

The Queen also met with a group of local women, and announced support for 21 income generating projects the women had proposed.

Following the meetings, Her Majesty toured two kindergarten (KG) classes that provide services to children with disabilities.

At Municipality of Ruweished, Her Majesty inaugurated the new Public Library, which is the first in the area. The Queen was briefed by Ms. Muna Hussein, Children Supervisor at Community Centers Association (CCA), on the different functions of the library, for which they provided the books and equipment. The Library includes the first educational program catered to children in the area. CCA also provided training for local community members to manage and supervise the Library.

Her Majesty also visited the homes of a few needy families in the area, and asked that they be provided with assistance to start new income generating projects.