Queen Rania Visits Orient Gallery’s ‘Journey of 20 Years’ Art Exhibition

December 05, 2016

(Office of Her Majesty – Press Department – Amman) - Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah visited an art exhibition showcasing the works of Jordanian and Arab artists at the Orient Gallery in Amman on Monday. Held under Her Majesty’s patronage, the exhibition, titled ‘The Journey of 20 Years,’ celebrates the Gallery’s 20th anniversary and accomplishments over the past two decades.

The exhibition selected paintings by some of the region’s most prolific artists, showcasing works by twelve Jordanian artists and seven Arab artists, many of whom have been involved with Orient Gallery since its founding. 

Queen Rania was welcomed by Orient Gallery Managing Director Mrs. Hala Jardaneh, who gave her a tour of the art on display. 

Since its founding, the gallery has been dedicated to the promotion of emerging and established Arab artists, while actively encouraging young Jordanians with potential to contribute to the local art scene. The Gallery, which is among the most notable art institutions in the country, showcases work from across the region, representing artists from Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Kuwait, Palestine, Qatar and Bahrain.

The participating Jordanian Artists in "The Journey of 20 years" Exhibition are: Ali Amr, Bader Mahasneh, Hilda Hiary, Ayman Gharaibeh, Zeina Al Salti, Jehad Al Ameri, Mohammad Al Ameri, Mohammad Nasrallah, MahaKhoury, Ghassan Abu Laban, Sanaa Kayyali, Jazla Al Husseini. Featured Arab artists include the late YassinMohammadawi, Jamal Abdul Rahim, Khalid Al Khani, Bahram Hajou, Georges Bassil, Suheil Baddour, and Reem Yassouf.