Queen Rania Visits Hayyan Rwaybed Village in Mafraq

April 24, 2018

(Office of Her Majesty – Press Department – Mafraq) - Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah visited the village of Hayyan Rwaybed in Mafraq Governorate on Tuesday to meet with members of the local community, including beneficiaries of an economic-empowerment program supported by the Royal Hashemite Court.

Her Majesty visited the Hayyan Rwaybed Society for Social Development, where she met with the society’s board, as well as beneficiaries of a community-based credit scheme. Financed under a royal grant and implemented in collaboration with the Community Centers Association (CCA), the scheme provides 145 community members with financing to launch their own income-generating projects.

The society’s president, Dr. Ahmad Al Khawaldeh, briefed Her Majesty on its various initiatives, which include early childhood development programs, sewing courses, income-generating projects, and support for disadvantaged families. The Queen also heard from the society’s director, Faeq Al Rdeisat, who gave a brief on current programs and future plans.

CCA Founder, Dr. Sari Nasser, explained how the funds under the royal grant scheme are distributed, with the aim of improving the socio-economic status of its beneficiaries. The grant scheme is being implemented in Mafraq, Zarqa, Dhlail, Russeifa, and Azraq through 23 civil society organizations, in coordination with the CCA, Ministry of Social Development, and local officials.

Her Majesty met with 35 beneficiaries of the grant scheme in Mafraq, and participated in a discussion moderated by CCA President, Dr. Firyal Saleh. The beneficiaries shared their experiences launching their projects and described how the scheme has improved their standard of living.

In Mafraq alone, the grant scheme has led to the launch of 144 family businesses, including vocational, commercial, and agricultural projects. A total of 83 of the projects are let by women, while 61 are run by men.

Describing Mafraq as a “model of solidarity, sacrifice, and altruism,” Her Majesty highlighted the high standing in which the governorate has always been held among the Hashemites, due to its role as a protector of the country’s borders and a model of generosity.

The Queen thanked the people of Mafraq for their kindness and hospitality toward their Syrian brothers and sisters, and for opening their homes to the refugee community. She also acknowledged the challenges of hosting a large refugee population and the increased demand on educational and health facilities.

The Queen concluded by highlighting the vital role of local civil society organizations, which, due to their closeness and familiarity with the concerns of the community, are best positioned to assist and empower local families.

During her visit to the village, Her Majesty also made a stop at the Hayyan Rwaybed Al Sharqi Elementary Coeducational School, where she was received by its principal, Mary Shdeifat, and Royal Health Awareness Society (RHAS) Director, Hanin Odeh.

Attended by approximately 250 students from pre-school to grade 10, the school is being considered for the bronze level of the Healthy Schools National Accreditation, a RHAS program which strives to create health-promoting environments within Jordanian schools.

Her Majesty chatted with students and teachers about the RHAS accreditation and training programs offered by the Queen Rania Teacher Academy. She also attended part of the school’s on-site evaluation, which aimed at assessing the school’s adherence to the program’s criteria.

The Queen concluded her visit to Mafraq by dropping by the homes of two families that have received support through the royal grant scheme, and taking a look at their income-generating projects firsthand.