Queen Rania Visits Community Development Projects in Al Ardah

October 30, 2017

(Office of Her Majesty – Press Department – Amman) - Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah visited the village of Al Bayoudha in the Al Balqa Governorate on Monday, where she met with families, village elders, and community leaders to discuss the village’s community development projects.

Her Majesty began her visit at the Abdulrahman Bin Awf Charitable Society, where she met with representatives of communities across the Al Ardah municipality. Established in 1990, the charitable society has contributed to the launch of several income-generating projects through its financing of sustainable agriculture and provision of training courses.

After conveying His Majesty King Abdullah II’s regards, Queen Rania commended the people of Al Bayoudha for capitalizing on the area’s natural resources in order to create a sustainable local economy.

“His Majesty consistently calls for each area to make the most of its distinguishing features by developing and building upon them. This step lies at the core of decentralization and sustainable local development,” Her Majesty said. In turn, residents briefed the Queen on the environmental and economic importance of the area.

Queen Rania then met with Director of Al Balqa’ Institute for Innovation, Ilham Al Abbadi, as well as a number of the institute’s female beneficiaries. The village women showed Her Majesty some of their products, including olive oil, thyme, soap, and embroidery pieces.

Established in 2013, Al Balqa’ Institute for Innovation has implemented several social development projects in the area, with a focus on natural agriculture, handicrafts, food production, and social responsibility.

In collaboration with the Arab Group for the Protection of Nature and the Al Bayoudha Society, the institute has contributed to the planting of 6,200 trees of 25 different varieties at homes across Al Bayoudha, with 10 trees awarded to each family. Striving to enhance the quality of village agricultural products and market them to other regions, the institute also hosts seasonal volunteers to help farmers harvest wheat, olives, and animal feed.

Among Al Balqa’ Institute for Innovation’s many initiatives are a children’s innovation club, the Al Bayoudha Volunteer Network, and the promotion and support of the biodiversity-focused ‘Declaration of Al Bayoudha,’ under which the local community strives to transform the area into a model environmental and social economy.