Queen Rania Meets with Members of Jordanian Company SitatByoot

August 28, 2018

(Office of Her Majesty – Press Department – Amman) - Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah met with the co-founders and management team of Jordanian company SitatByoot at the King Hussein Business Park on Tuesday, as part of her efforts to support youth entrepreneurship and encourage innovation among young Jordanians.

Welcomed by Co-founder and CEO of SitatByoot, Saeed Omar, and Co-founder and Chief Content Officer (CCO) Nada Hanieh, Her Majesty was briefed on the story behind SitatByoot, the services it offers, current industry challenges, and its plans moving forward.

Launched in 2010, SitatByoot is an online recruitment and on-demand sales platform that aims to help Arab women find employment and market their work and products to a wide range of customers.

Her Majesty also met with some of the company’s beneficiaries and took a look at the products they produce and market through the platform. She also stopped by SitatByoot’s main offices at the Business Park to meet the rest of its employees.

In a discussion with the SitatByoot team, Her Majesty described the platform as an innovative solution that keeps pace with the rapidly evolving job market and invests in technology to help both men and women work from home.

Currently, the company has over 2,000 female beneficiaries who have used the site to promote their products and connect with human resources and procurement manages across the world. Through the platform, members can either submit handmade work or undertake soft tasks to be completed from home, like writing and translating texts.

Based on its belief that women entrepreneurs should not be confined to market trends, and supply chain constraints when selling, marketing, and creating their products and services, SitatByoot has aimed to generate work and sales opportunities for their members based on real market demand instead.   

CCO Hanieh explained to Her Majesty that SitatByoot also offers its members video tutorials and training to help them produce high quality work. The company sets prerequisite qualifications for each job opportunity provided on the platform. After a transaction is concluded, members and customers can rate each other. Members can also list all training courses they have completed on their profiles.