Queen Rania Announces Support for 100 Projects During Visit to Community Centers Association

February 06, 2018

(Office of Her Majesty – Press Department – Amman) - Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah visited a newly built vocational training academy run by the Community Centers Association (CCA) in Hai Nazzal on Tuesday, announcing an increase in financial support for 100 of the most successful local projects implemented by the association. 

With the support of a royal grant and the Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation, the projects cover various vocational fields including agriculture, raising livestock, handicraft work, sewing, construction, and beauty, among others.

Founder of the association, Dr. Sari Nasser, and its President, Dr. Firyal Saleh, joined Her Majesty as she toured the academy, stopping by courses in session teaching mobile phone repair, graphic design, and sewing.

In a meeting with 100 female project owners, hailing from many areas across Jordan, including Pella, Al-Hallabat, Al-Hashimiya, and Al-Dulayl, Her Majesty announced an increase in financial support to help their projects grow.

Her Majesty thanked the association’s team for their unwavering commitment, and said that her support constitutes an investment in human capital, as well as a chance to expand existing sustainable employment opportunities.

The Queen commended the women’s accomplishments and notable progress, pointing to the tangible results she witnesses with each visit she has made to the association in the last 18 years.

“Despite the hardships you have faced and continue to face, you still have managed to contribute to the gradual and progressive growth of your communities,” she said.

Her Majesty also lauded their perseverance and strong sense of cooperation evident in their projects across the country.

Queen Rania also congratulated the association on the new building and the potential it holds to better prepare beneficiaries for the job market and help them navigate the complexities of this day and age. 

The new academy aims to provide high quality accredited courses in areas such as beauty, sewing, graphic design, and mobile phone maintenance.

It also aims to prepare qualified vocational workers to meet the demands of the local market, improve their skills in certain areas of expertise, develop human resources and efficiently employ them in vocational fields to better serve local communities, and encourage the pursuit of vocational work.