Queen Rania Announces Support for 100 Families During Visit to Al Fayha’ Village in Madaba

March 18, 2018

(Office of Her Majesty – Press Department – Madaba) - Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah visited Al Fayha’ Village in Madaba on Sunday, announcing financial support for 100 local families to help them start their own income-generating projects.

Her visit included stops at Al Fayha’ Secondary School for Girls and the Madaba Women’s Charity Association.

At the school, Her Majesty was received by Principal Khitam Kosha, who accompanied her to a second grade class while a lesson was in session. She also chatted with a number of staff members in the teachers’ room.

Her Majesty then visited the Madaba Women’s Charity Association, where she was welcomed by its President, Fadiyyeh Ma’aya. In a meeting with a number of the charity’s board members and beneficiaries, Queen Rania was briefed on the association’s recent achievements and its plans moving forward.

The association was established in 2011 with the aim of helping underprivileged families, orphans, women, and community members with disabilities. Among its most important services are grants for income-generating projects run by local women, in-kind assistance to vulnerable families in the village, as well as awareness sessions. The association’s grant program currently supports 45 women, with many more awaiting funding for their projects.

Addressing the beneficiaries, Her Majesty said she will be financially supporting the association to help expand its current project base and include the beneficiaries already on its waiting list.

She also lauded the women’s projects and their self-made success, adding that she is always inspired when she sees women taking matters into their own hands in order to support their families.

Queen Rania commended the generosity and selflessness of the residents of the village, who are known for their close-knit ties and for watching out for each other.

After the meeting, the Queen took a look at the association’s bazaar, which displays handcrafts and products made by its beneficiaries, and stopped by a training workshop for women on small-project management.

Al Fayha’ Village is located in the governorate of Madaba and is home to over 2,800 people. Despite its proximity to the city of Madaba, its residents face challenges due to insufficient empowerment programs in the area. The village has two public schools and one primary healthcare center.