Queen Rania Drops by INJAZ Entrepreneurship Course at the German Jordanian University

May 14, 2012

(Office of Her Majesty, Press Department- Amman) Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah dropped in on a course conducted by INJAZ at the German Jordanian University today. The INJAZ Company Program, conducted for university students, focuses on the establishment and the operation of student led companies.

During the session Her Majesty met with 37 students from four universities and a community college representing nine companies. This particular session was designed by INJAZ as a wrap-up session for students in the Company Program to learn how to present and pitch their ideas to private enterprises in order to receive support and secure funding.

The program is designed to teach students with no entrepreneurial knowledge how to start companies, walk them through the process of raising funds, product design, production and marketing and transform them from job seekers to job creators.

The course is conducted in ten public universities around Jordan with the goal to create 225 Student Companies in three years by providing students with hands-on entrepreneurial and business training, and to supervise the implementation and establishment of their companies, in addition to providing them with opportunities to grow their own companies.

Training is conducted by volunteers from private sector companies, primarily those who hold managerial positions and have experience in fields of management and leadership.