Queen Rania Speaks to CNN's Richard Quest about Global Education in Davos

February 04, 2010
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Well I do feel that last year I think people were really in crisis mode, the financial crisis was still very new in peoples minds and people I think felt a little defeated, this year I felt people having reflected over the crisis are thinking more how can we fix things how can we move forward, how can we reset and redesign things so were talking more about a global redesign atmosphere.


Q. Within that global redesign what I have noticed is that the agenda has got wider we can no longer compartment business, government, enjoys, social wire what do you think?

A. Absolutely I think this kind of silent thinking is obsolete now it doesn’t apply to our world its all about linkages between the different sectors and having comprehensive solutions so more and more the business environment is realising that they need to have more cohesion in the way they do business more linkages with the public with the private sector etc and one of the things that worth is very good at is trying to create those public private partnerships and bringing them to there many different issues so increasingly CEOs are realising they can be generators of social profit not just financial profit.


Q Now that brings me to the point now mam as somebody that comes from this from the social side rather that the share holder side do you worry that companies pay lip service to this idea but in the final fruition never actually stump up with the goods?

A. The successful companies are the ones who really buy into it and make it part of their business model and not just a side note to their business plan you know because there is an empirical evidence that has really proven the case the business case for doing good so you really can do well by doing good companies who have adopted sustainability, corporate social responsibility and all those kind of values within their day to day business have actually generated more profit have a much healthier atmosphere within their companies a much healthier corporate culture so there is a business case for doing good not just a moral one.


Q. When a company comes to you or you have talks with a company and they start espousing the values, do you go with a certain amount of scepticism and cynicism, do you want to see what they mean and say before you put your name to it?

Absolutely but there is now reporting that can really clarify how serious a company is in their social endeavours I think there are some companies that think this is just about PR but there are a lot of companies out there that really believe in it and that are working on the ground and have demonstrated some great results and have a lot of benefits to society.


Q. I found this in my bedroom, a call to action, so tell me what I’ve got in here?

Well what this is about is well I really believe that education is one of the most important issues that we can tackle because if you look at all the world’s problems from poverty to hunger, disease, terrorism, climate change, not one of these problems can’t be resolved through education but the problem with education is that people don’t think is an emergency its something because the benefits are in the long term people don’t prioritise it we need 16 billion dollars to get the children of the developing world into primary school and that amount might sound like a lot but it is half of what the US spent in online shopping in the last holiday season, it is what the US spent on candy in 2008 so there is no excuse for us not to be sharing out that money. When you increase education maternal mortality goes down, child death goes down, HIV, aids goes down you know if you want to deal with issues of terrorism and radicalization what better way to do it than through a quality education, so I really wanted to highlight this issue here at worth and you know I thought that instead of giving a gadget or something these are serious folk here, so I wanted something kind of fun to catch their attention


You’ve given me something I can take my sandwiches to work in.

Yes and there’s a snack in there and there’s a lot of information about education in there and how its so important to really prioritise it.