Queen Rania invites excelling students to opening of 14th Parliament

December 02, 2003

(Office of Her Majesty, Press Department - Amman) Highlighting the important role of youth in building their societies, Her Majesty Queen Rania Al-Abdullah invited excelling students to accompany her to the opening of the 14th Parliament's first ordinary session.

As His Majesty King Abdullah II delivered the speech from the Throne, outlining the vision and plan of action for the newly-appointed government, 23-year-old Salah Al-Din Al-Abbadi and 21-year-old Lina Ujeilat joined Queen Rania as King Abdullah outlined the foundations and mechanisms for comprehensive development, which include involving all in the development process, especially youth and women.

“The aspired-for change will come about only through stimulating Jordanian youth and listening to their views, for they are the pillars of the future and the substance of change.

Consequently, their role should be enhanced, job opportunities should be made available to them, and their hopes and aspirations should be realized,” the King told Parliamentarians.

The Queen’s initiative comes as part of Jordan’s overall objective to invest in youth and further their creative capabilities, providing them with the necessary tools in education to excel and involve them in matters crucial to their advancement and provision of a better life and realizing a model Jordan.

Queen Rania is active in promoting a better understanding of the needs of young people and the means to address them, supporting initiatives to promote communication and dialogue among young people and with the nation’s decision-makers saying “youth are the tools of change and we must reap the benefits of their contributions.”

The two students, were among the few who distinguished themselves from the group who took part in the First Jordan Youth Forum with King Abdullah in May and were chosen alongside several students to attend part of the World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting at the Dead Sea in June 2003.

Participants at the First Jordan Youth Forum organized by the King Abdullah II Fund for Development (KAFD), discussed with His Majesty the importance of the youth sector in formulating the future of Jordan, their responsibility and role in enhancing democracy by efficient contribution in choosing members of parliament stressing the importance of finding mechanisms that guarantee the continuation of contact with youth to hear their views, concerns and suggestions on all aspects of life.

By promoting productivity, creativity and excellence, the KAFD supports programs aimed at contributing towards the improvement of the quality of life and standard of living of Jordanians.

The fund encourages scientific, cultural, sports, educational and social activities to develop citizens' skills and provide incentives to creative innovators in different areas.