Queen Rania Pays Tribute to Educators on Teachers' Day

October 04, 2008

(Jordan Times, Press Department - Amman) Her Majesty Queen Rania on Saturday congratulated teachers on the occasion of Teachers’ Day and extended thanks to all of them for their efforts in educating the Kingdom’s students.

In a letter aired via Radio Jordan and other local broadcasting agencies, the Queen expressed pride in teachers, underlining the great responsibilities they are undertaking.

“You have shouldered the responsibility of educating and graduating one generation after the other, relentlessly…” the Queen said in her letter.

“You have dedicated one-third of every day, of each academic day, for plentiful giving, while being patient and acting as guides for all students,” she added.

Currently more than 90,000 teachers are employed by 5,000 schools in the Kingdom that cater to over 1.6 million students.

The Queen reiterated her thanks to teachers and congratulated them on Teachers’ Day, which falls today, saying: “Congratulations to you on your Eid and congratulations to Jordan on its teachers.”

As part of His Majesty King Abdullah’s dedicated efforts to improve the education sector and the Queen’s concern about teachers and her belief in the importance of their role in the educational process, Queen Rania initiated an award for excellence in education in 2006.

The award has become an umbrella for other awards that celebrate educational achievements including the Queen Rania Award for Distinguished Teachers.

Designed to develop the teaching profession, encourage society’s appreciation of educators, lift the morale of instructors and motivate them to excel, the award’s five categories cover teachers from kindergarten to secondary school.

Also out of her belief in the importance of education as the main resource to empower the young, Queen Rania launched the Madrasati initiative earlier this year to improve the educational environment in the country by renovating some 500 public schools across the Kingdom.

The ambitious initiative is designed to make education a social responsibility by pairing corporations and NGOs with schools in the Kingdom which are deemed in desperate need of repair.

In more than 100 countries worldwide, October 5 is recognised as a day to honour and celebrate teachers.