Queen Rania Calls Gaza "A Crisis of Human Dignity," Supports Jordanian Aid Efforts

December 31, 2008

(Office of Her Majesty, Press Department -- Aqaba) Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah met with local officials in Aqaba, Wednesday, to support their efforts in collecting relief packages for the citizens of Gaza.

Her Majesty voiced her opinion about the humanitarian crisis there. "What is happening in Gaza today is not only a violation in international law, of universal human rights, not only a humanitarian crisis," she said to Al Jazeera English, "What is happening in Gaza is a crisis of human dignity." Queen Rania, who earlier this week donated blood to help the victims of the ongoing conflict, called the attacks "a continuous and cruel bombardment of a people who are already under siege." "Even before the current crisis, the people in Gaza were living in poverty, hunger and isolation with minimal access to basic sustenance and services," she said. She called on international aid agencies and civil society to speak up and step up their efforts.