Queen Rania Spends Afternoon Entertaining Hundreds of Jordanian Children

October 10, 2007

(Office of Her Majesty, Press Department – Amman) Innocent laughter and merriment filled the hallways of the Children’s Museum, as Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah spent the afternoon entertaining almost 700 underprivileged children from all of Jordan.

Queen Rania, who is the Chairperson of the museum’s Board of Trustees, brought together 120 orphans and 550 children from less fortunate areas of Jordan, for an eventful storybook reading and a tour of the museum.

Amused children sat in wonder to hear the Queen’s interpretation of the Arabic story “The Three Butterflies”. But it didn’t stop at storytelling, as the Queen’s voice joined the hundreds of children in singing along to old Arabic.

The playful children toured the museum’s facilities with the Queen who encouraged them to explore the different setups in order to learn more about different civilizations, science, and technology. Her Majesty joined the children in the fun events prepared by the Zaha Center, where they were entertained by an awe-inspiring magician’s act, where the Queen assisted in a couple tricks. The children also visited the museum’s art studio to draw, paint and take part in other creative activities.

The Queen noted how happy she was to see that the museum’s services are available to children from all over the Kingdom. Queen Rania established the Children’s Museum to ensure that innovation and exposure to edutainment opportunities would be available to all of Jordan’s children.

With Queen Rania’s support, the museum is hosting three iftars for orphans from all around Jordan as part of its ongoing social responsibility program. A non-profit organization, the Children’s Museum is working in partnership with the Ministry of Education to host 60,000 students over the next few months.

Since establishing the Children’s Museum in 2005, Queen Rania has underlined that the museum would seek to expand its outreach to engage children from remote communities through developing various outreach programs and facilities with the aim of bridging the knowledge and exposure gap

“Giving these children the opportunity to experiment and learn through experimentation is highly effective in enabling their generation to rise up to various challenges and enhance their creativity, allowing them to feel that they are an integral part of society without discrimination,” said Hanya Saleh, Director of the Children’s Museum.

The institution is dedicated to creating interactive learning experiences that have the power to encourage and nurture lifelong learning for children and their families. The museum has over 150 exhibits within its three themes: humankind, technology and the natural world. It is sponsored by individuals and corporations, including: Greater Amman Municipality, Al Abdali Investment Inc., Al Sheikh Abdullah Saleh Kamel, Al Ahli Bank, Emaar Properties, Gulf Finance House, Motorola Foundation, Nestle M.E, and Zain.