Queen Rania Reunites Mother and Son After 25 Years

October 09, 2007

(Office of Her Majesty, Press Department – Amman) In a gesture that moved Jordan to tears, Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah personally intervened to reunite a mother and her son wrenched apart for over 25 years. After hearing the story earlier this week, Queen Rania took it upon herself to secure a family reunion.
The emotional separation of Mohammad and his mother was first detailed on Al Forssah, a show produced by Jordan TV in partnership with New TV during the month of Ramadan. Every night the program focuses on different human-interest stories. Mohammad spoke about the pain of being separated from his mother for so long and as the emotions overtook him, tears filled the audience’s eyes when he mentioned that had only seen his mother through low quality pictures exchanged online.
Mohammad came on the show hoping he would get the chance to see her, so the producers set up a video feed from Gaza earlier this week, and that was the first time he got to see a detailed image of his mother.
Moved by the story, Queen Rania worked hard to get the mother to Jordan, from Gaza, so that she could visit her son for the first time in 25 years. She arrived Monday night and in a surprise move to producers, the studio audience, and most significantly to Mohammad, Queen Rania took the mother to the show to reunite with her son.
Stunned at the sudden turn of events, both mother and son appeared speechless as they intensely embraced each other during the live broadcast.
Queen Rania spoke passionately about why this case had such a deep impact on her. “As a mother, I can only imagine the pain of being separated from your children,” she said, “and there is nothing that makes me happier than seeing such a moving reunion.”