Queen Rania Leads Jordanian Tourism Team to France to Promote Jordan’s Stability, Tourism Potential, History, and Heritage

July 18, 2002

(Office of Her Majesty, Press Department - Paris) Jordan's stability, tourism potential, history and heritage was the highlight of a 24-hour visit to France by a Jordanian tourism team led by Her Majesty Queen Rania Al-Abdullah.

As part of her efforts to promote tourism as the second most important employment generating sector in Jordan, Queen Rania met with some 20 key French tour operators, travel agents and media representatives in the presence of French Secretary of State for Tourism Mr. Leon Bertrand and Jordan's Minister of Tourism Dr. Taleb Rifai at a dinner hosted by the Jordan Tourism Board (JTB) on Wednesday.

Speaking at dinner, Queen Rania said that the number of tourists from France was the least affected as a result of last year's September 11 events.

This, the Queen added, is an indication of the faith French people have in Jordan and the products it offers. We have to "further this relationship and build on it," said Queen Rania who also highlighted the history of Jordanian-French relationship on economic and investment levels.

France is the most important European country for Jordan in terms of the number of tourists who travel to the Kingdom every year.

It also contributes to the restoration and preservation of some of Jordan's archeological sites, including Qusair Amra, Iraq Al-Amir, Jerash (Temple of Zeus), and Petra (Qasr Al-Bint).

Some of the invitees and others accompanied Queen Rania back to Jordan after she attended a handing over ceremony of the first of two Airbus A340-200 Aircraft to Royal Jordanian Airlines in Toulouse on Thursday.

The Queen was taken on a tour of Airbus facility, which also included a tour of the A380 Mock up aircraft and the final assembly line.

The A340-200 was delivered to Royal Jordanian President Mr. Samer Majali by Airbus President and CEO Mr. Noel Forgeard at the handing over ceremony.