Queen Rania launches The Economic Opportunities for Jordanian Youth Program (INJAZ) as a Jordanian not-for-profit corporation

February 20, 2002

(Office of Her Majesty, Press Department - Amman) Under the patronage of Her Majesty Queen Rania Al-Abdullah, The Economic Opportunities for Jordanian Youth Program (INJAZ) was launched as a Jordanian not-for-profit corporation at a special ceremony in Amman.

INJAZ, now a national, independent corporation functioning in partnership with the public and private sectors, aims to strengthen the skills of young Jordanians through training courses.

Queen Rania's participation in the ceremony underlined her continuing support of initiatives designed to empower youth by bridging the gap between their practical skills and market demands, thus preparing them to enter the workplace and to compete on a global scale.

Queen Rania has supported INJAZ since its inception in 1999, when she launched its logo. The Queen was also patron of, and attended, the First INJAZ graduation ceremony in 2001.

At Tuesday's event, the Director of Save the Children's Jordan Field Office, Dr. Zaki Khoury reiterated Queen Rania's words in the graduation ceremony when he said that INJAZ seeks to address the needs of the local labor market and economy and to enhance the ability of youth to understand their responsibilities and rights.

INJAZ Executive Director, Mrs. Soraya Salti, also presented a briefing on the program, outlining its overall aim to boost self-confidence among youth and to develop their critical thinking skills.

Also at the ceremony, a documentary was shown on the activities and programs of Save the Children in Jordan, which are geared towards empowering women, youth and children.

Queen Rania also honored individuals and institutions in recognition of their support of the INJAZ program since its launch. Tuesday's ceremony was organized by Save the Children, which launched the pioneering INJAZ program in 1999 through funding from the US Agency for International Development (USAID).

Mr. Gregory Berry, the US Deputy Chief of Mission in Jordan, said that the official announcement of INJAZ as a non-profit corporation embodies the will to fulfill dreams at all levels--"the dream of an INJAZ that will, someday, reach tens of thousands of Jordan's youth.

The dreams of the young people as they develop the skills to productively take their place in the global economy.

And the dream of a Jordan that offers more job opportunities for its talented youth." INJAZ works to create hope for a better future and to empower Jordanian youth to realize their dreams, he added. INJAZ board member and spokesperson Michael Nazzal outlined the program's mission in Jordan, its goals, and its partnership with the private sector to prepare and help youth define their future vision and ambitions.

At the end of the ceremony, Queen Rania presented the Director of USAID with an award in appreciation of the Agency's support for the INJAZ program.

Save the Children also presented Queen Rania with a special award in recognition of her efforts supporting the organization's programs that focus on developing the capacities and skills of Jordanian youth.

The INJAZ program was initially implemented in the Governorates of Amman and Ma'an. To date, the program has expanded to the Zarqa and Irbid Governorates, benefiting nearly 4,000 students in total.

In October 2001, a decision was reached to register INJAZ as a national independent corporation seeking to achieve self-reliance in terms of its financing and the establishment of financial management through the support and contributions of private sector institutions in Jordan.

The decision came in light of the program's imminent plans to expand its activities to various parts of the Kingdom.

As a result, the INJAZ board was set up consisting of five members representing the tourism, banking, telecommunications, IT, and SME sectors in Jordan.