Queen Rania's Taped Message for Arab Business Angels Network Gala Dinner - Dubai, UAE

September 07, 2006
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Bismillah Al Rahman Al Rahim.
Good evening everyone.   I am delighted to add my voice to this special occasion… and let me say how proud I am that in just one year, the dynamic partnership of the Young Arab Leaders, Dubai Holding, and Dubai International Capital has produced the Arab Business Angels Network. Thank you for your vision and your initiative.
I am sure many of you here, successful business leaders in your own right, can remember back to when you were all entrepreneurs in the making…overflowing with new ideas…eager to take on the world.
And you also remember the highs and the lows, when you first pitched an idea, struggled to write a business proposal or waited nervously for a loan to be approved.
More importantly, I am sure everyone here remembers your own ‘business’ angel… that person who took you under his or her wing… listened to you, believed in you, invested in you, mentored you… and gave flight to your ideas.
Tonight, we are here to help a new generation of innovators soar.  Warm congratulations to all our finalists… you are all winners... and part of the winning formula the Arab world needs to promote creativity and growth.

And let me also congratulate the members of the Business Angels Network for putting your talent and resources to work on behalf of this good cause.  As you spread your wings … and as more young Arabs gain access to the finance and faith they need to join the ranks of successful entrepreneurs… your network will have the power to lift the whole region.

Thank you very much.