Ahel Al Himmeh: Queen Rania Honors Himmeh Finalists at Yarmouk University

May 12, 2009

(Office of Her Majesty, Press Department - Amman) In an address at Yarmouk University, Queen Rania, on Tuesday, congratulated Ahel Al Himmeh’s thirty selected finalists, urging students to follow the example set by the nominees.

Commending the efforts of the thirty finalists and extending Her gratitude to all those who took the time to vote in Ahel Al Himmeh’s initiative she said: “Warm congratulations to our thirty finalists.  You are all winners.  Now that we have finished this difficult task, you have to select the final ten.”
“By nominating an individual, you are acknowledging and appreciating the traits that make an ordinary person one of Jordan’s heroes,” she continued, “and in acknowledging excellence in others, you become a partner in that excellence, their success becomes yours as well.”

During the ceremony, attended by the thirty finalists, the initiatives’ Selection Committee and hundreds of university students and faculty, Sultan Abu ‘Orabi Al Adwan, President of Yarmouk University, expressed his gratitude to Her Majesty for choosing Yarmouk.

Highlighting the spirit behind the Ahel Himmeh Initiative, Her Majesty also said: “Ahel Al Himmeh recognizes the efforts of the most altruistic in our communities; this process, this award, spotlights their efforts and, I hope, will encourage others to support them as they work to build a stronger and more prosperous Jordan.”

“You are the pride of Jordan, the pride of His Majesty and mine. Your sense of responsibility and selflessness embodies the true meaning of citizenship, and sets the bar high for others to follow,” she said to the finalists attending the ceremony.

Narrating some of the stories and detailing projects which contributed to empowering local communities, Her Majesty then asserted: “I’m particularly proud of those finalists whose skill, love, and dedication has blossomed from a small-scale effort to a neighborhood-wide initiative which not only empowers individuals, but generates income to build a stronger community.”

Her Majesty then commented: “One of the reasons I started the Himmeh campaign, was because, too often, heroes aren’t recognized until after they die, when it’s too late to acknowledge them and say thank you.”

“Sadly, during our campaign, one of Jordan’s finest heroes, Mohammed Nimri, passed away while praying.  The generosity of this man’s spirit, the gentleness of his character, and the love in his heart, are an example to us all.  Amu Mohammed’s wish to give all children in orphanages love, respect, time, and tenderness marked him out as a giant amongst men. Today, we are honored to have his family with us, and to pause to remember the difference he made to so many of Jordan’s children.”

Queen Rania then told the students that it is often in times of adversity that characters are formed and reputation is built and that “in today’s competitive job market, it’s not just your scores that count. It’s your character, your ability to communicate, your selflessness, and the contributions you make to your job, your community and your country that matter most.”