Queen Rania attends 7th NCFA board meeting, stressing importance of establishing resource center

January 13, 2003

(Office of Her Majesty, Press Department - Amman) Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah called for the establishment of a resource center to provide development organizations and policy-makers with research and information on family issues.

Queen Rania, President of NCFA, discussed the idea at the National Council for Family Affairs board meeting, during which the council presented its plan of work for 2003.

Queen Rania added that the center should be established as an independent entity that would serve development organizations working in the field of family affairs and other organizations involved in relevant causes.

The establishment of the resource center would complement the council's efforts to create a database, which aims at providing policy makers and users with accurate information on projects related to family issues.

Queen Rania noted that the database, will eventually emerge into an independent center that would not only conduct research on NCFA areas of expertise but also compile research carried out by other development organizations.

In addition to providing information and research, the NCFA will work on three programs including Family Empowerment, Childhood, and Communications, Advocacy and Fundraising programs.

As part of NCFA's Family Empowerment program, the council is in the process of developing a national strategy for family and will revise legislations related to family issues to assure that they cater to the interest and security of the family and its members.

The council will also conduct a situation analysis on family counseling needs and develop a national framework for family protection.

The Childhood program, which aims at improving the status of Jordanian children, will ensure the development of leaders in the field of early childhood development and develop a public awareness campaign emphasizing the importance of early childhood development programs in fostering lifelong learning.

The NCFA will establish an integrated early childhood development committee in one governorate with the objective of working with other governorates in the coming years.

The council will also ensure the development and endorsement of a national plan of action for children (0-18 years). Through its communications program, the NCFA will work towards raising public awareness of family related issues and develop fundraising programs to support its work