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About Madrasati

Madrasati means “my school” in Arabic. The initiative was launched in 2008 to connect individuals, private companies and organizations, and provide them with support for improving the physical and educational learning environments of Jordan’s most neglected public schools.

Research shows that the quality of physical learning environments has an impact on students’ safety, health, attendance, and academic performance. Since low-quality learning environments are impediments to quality learning outcomes and obstruct the development of well-rounded students, Madrasati rejuvenates physical spaces and provides ancillary resources most needed at individual schools.

Madrasati serves Jordanian public schools run by the Ministry of Education identified as most underperforming and most in need of renovation. It has 140 partners from the public, private and civil society sectors.


To develop sustainable partnerships with various stakeholders and  strengthen the integrity of school environments , promote  teaching and learning through improved building capacities , advancing every student’s learning experience, and ultimately, making basic life skills and active citizenship an achievable end.


To promote enabling and empowering schools environments that contribute to improving educational outcomes in Jordan.