The Children's Museum Jordan

The Children's Museum Jordan

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The Children's Museum Jordan

About the Children’s Museum Jordan

The first interactive children’s museum in Jordan opened its doors to the public in 2007. At the Museum, children learn through play, interactions with indoor and outdoor exhibits, reading in the library, expressing themselves at the Art Studio, and connecting with nature in the Secret Garden. These interactive spaces, complimented by live educational programs, encourage children to learn through engagement and self-exploration in a safe environment.

The Museum experience is meant to complement classroom learning and illustrate that learning can be both practical and fun, and perfectly achievable through play. The aim is to create an inclusive learning space that engages children from all over Jordan, from different socioeconomic backgrounds and learning abilities, and inspires them through a learning opportunity that lasts beyond the museum encounter and feeds into a richer and more active understanding of what it means to learn.


To nurture the curiosity of children and provide them with a unique learning experience.


To continue providing a memorable learning and growing experience for youth and children in Jordan.