IAA: Learners of today; leaders of tomorrow


The International Academy, Amman (IAA) is another vibrant chapter in Jordan’s broader education reform efforts. In just five years, the IAA has become synonymous with new standards of excellence in education.

Launched in 2004, our non-profit ‘Model School of Excellence’ inspires, challenges, and engages students in a world class education, and soon, through a network of globally renowned tertiary specialists at the Teachers’ Academy, it will be a conduit for public school teacher training throughout Jordan.

At the heart of IAA is a simple philosophy: to graduate students who are compassionate, informed global citizens, creative thinkers, risk-takers, and confident leaders; young men and women who can compete with peers the world over and excel in a fast-paced marketplace.

Our signature state of the art campus nurtures those qualities, and provides space for all children to grow, explore the world around them, and develop their individuality.  The school grounds reflect respect for our Eastern traditions, with an enthusiasm for modern influences.  Our facilities fuse contemplative gardens with classrooms full of the latest interactive technology; hands-on science labs that challenge critical thinkers complement contemporary art and music facilities which foster creativity and self-expression; and our pastoral care system encourages health and well-being, while cultivating respect for our environment and concern for those less fortunate.

Authorized to teach the International Baccalaureate Diploma, and the Middle Years Program, children at the IAA enjoy a world class curriculum, taught by a cohort of local and internationally distinguished teachers.  Globally acclaimed Director, Dr. Hana Kanan, together with Dr. Yunus Sola, Principal, work with the school community to ensure that the IAA’s vision evolves and stays ahead of the demands of the 21st century. 
Experience has taught me that a school’s ethos is the sum of all these parts, and that the best test of success is a casual chat with its students. IAA students never disappoint.  From a diverse mix of social and economic backgrounds, and cultures, our pupils form lasting friendships, and learn about each other’s traditions with a spirit of enquiry, curiosity, and tolerance.  It is this interaction and wealth of knowledge that combines to ensure that our children grow up to be open-minded, engaged, and global citizens, equipped with values that will enable them to thrive throughout life, no matter where they are and what career they pursue.

Term by term, I am pleased that the IAA is rooting itself further into Jordan’s landscape, and I hope that when our new Teachers’ Academy graduates public school teachers, the seeds of the IAA, those kernels of wisdom and learning, will be carried throughout our country to sow a generation of critical thinkers, creative artists, and entrepreneurial minds that will fashion positive and lasting change.

That will be the true legacy of the IAA.

Learn more: http://www.iaa.edu.jo/