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Queen Rania Teacher Academy


The Teachers Academy is one of the latest pillars in Jordan’s education reform. It stands as a symbol of our determination to improve the quality of our schools by boosting teaching standards and raising the profile of teachers in our society.
In pursuit of that goal, the Academy stands at the forefront of Arab education, as a regional leader in the field, driving innovation, pushing forward research and development, and liaising with policymakers to discuss national educational concerns. Guiding us with their expertise and experience is Colombia University Teachers College, world-renowned as a center of excellence in education.
It is encouraging the growth of peer networks, so teachers can meet to discuss problems and projects, and learn from each other.  Principals have their own networks, too, for exchanging ideas on leadership and administration.  It reminds our teachers that they are not alone, that they have the tools to improve themselves.
The Academy is inspiring our teachers through workshops, which train them to bring a textbook to life, challenge the class to solve problems and report back, as well as encourage students to learn in groups and ask questions.  This not only engages the classroom, but empowers the teacher. For new recruits, we are developing a dedicated program to enhance both their theoretical and practical skills, so they can enter the classroom equipped to create the best learning environment for our students.
In short, the Academy will be a spring of knowledge our teachers can draw strength from to be their best. 
And we need our teachers to be their best, because we need the best to nurture and nourish our children as they grow and learn. As guardians of our children’s education, teachers are also interpreters of right and wrong, protectors of body and mind, and promoters of compassion and understanding.
That is why we must lift all our teachers into the spotlight… developing their careers as well as holding them more accountable… broadening their skills as well as giving them greater responsibilities… supporting their work as well as demanding better results. The region’s teachers will begin to benefit soon, too, as the Academy plans to expand its model abroad, share its experience, and eventually offer the Middle East’s preeminent master’s degree program in education.
A lot rests on our teachers’ shoulders, because at the heart of their jobs are the lives and futures of our children. The Teachers Academy will not lighten the load, but it will give them strength to carry it through.
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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Dear Webmaster
I totally agree.I've just sent a suggestion in Arabic. I do hope you have a look on it.
Best Regards
Nadeem Shehadeh
Munther Almasri School
Amman 1

Monday, May 9, 2011

Dear Queen Rania,
Wish you good time and happiness.I admire all effort you pay to education affairs. I used to teach English Language and I'm a part of writing network;lead teacer. I'm looking forward to spread the idea of teaching writing through the whole country. I wish if we could apply the program in all schools as a separet subject from English Language.
Best Regards
Nadeem Shehadeh
Munther Almasri
Amman 1

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Hi Nadeem, do you think it is a good idea to have a teachers group under My Rania section? I can easily add it. Teachers like you would have a space to talk to each other and exchange ideas.

Keep up the good work :)

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Dear Queen Rania,
I admire your sense of responsibility and your personality.
قم للمعلم و فيه التبجيلا، كاد المعلم أن يكون رسولا
Being a teacher I understand 100% these words, Masha Allah.
I teach French at Ahliyyah School for Girls (CMS) since 2007.
Since my graduation I've worked in my field (Interpreting) in Algeria, but I felt that Allah prepared me to do something else, like teaching, I've always wanted to follow my mother's steps ( my mum was an Arabic teacher in Marseille-France) then had her degree in psychology Masha Allah.
Sometimes people wonder that teaching is simple and doesn't require anything.
People must open their eyes and analyze how hard the procedure is, I've always looked for teaching as a great responsibility and as a way to teach cultures, languages and giving advices.
I love my students, my work and my School, but life is not that easy sometimes you need to face problems for being stronger I've always said (What doesn't kill me makes me stronger).
In 2007, the school wanted to start teaching French obligatory so they hired me because my goal matched their goals (preparing the students to the DELF).
Your Majesty, the only problem that I am facing is my residency. I've had it for three year but unfortunately because of some changes in some government rules I didn't have it this year.
I don't like to think like other teachers who are seeking for money of being selfish and not thinking about the student’s future, these teachers can be able to change their job for their own good.
I don't want to change my work; I don't want to leave my students without achieving anything with them.
I didn't travel to see my family during Eid alfit+ Eid al adhaa and other Eids but I really want to travel this summer (as usual to see my parents and my brothers and sisters )
I don't know if my words are communicative, but I hope that you could read this message because I have no one to help me in this Country (which I consider as my second family)
I really hope to read an answer from you or at least a suggestion to lead me to the right way.
Thank you so much Your Majesty
Rima Naima Benghalem
Maîtresse de Français (French Teacher)

Friday, March 4, 2011

Votre Majesté la Reine,
Je suis de nationalité algérienne, je suis en Jordanie autant qu’enseignante de la langue française à l’école Ahliyyah (CMS) The Ahliyyah School for girls. J’admire votre personnalité et votre sens de responsabilité.

Je voudrais signaler un problème que les enseignants de nationalité arabes non jordaniens trouvent ici en Jordanie depuis l’année précédente. Je suis franche et je voudrais vous expliquer mon problème de A a Z.
Je suis diplômée d’Algérie spécialité interprétariat (Arabe , français et Anglais) et en ce moment j’apprends le japonais et je pratique largo Jordanien .
Je suis issu d’une famille de père député et de mère psychologue (ma mère était enseignante puis directrice avant d’être psychologue) .
Je suis venue en Jordanie en 2006 (chez ma sœur mariée) afin de continuer mes études supérieurs de magistère mais hélas, j’avais un peu tarder a venir ici et ma bourse est partie vers un autre étudiant car le semestre avait commencé.
Je suis de tempérament combative, donc j’ai décidé de travailler afin d’économiser et continuer mes études.
Donc j’ai postulée pour la première fois à l’école Ahliyyah School for Girls mais hélas il n’y avait pas de poste vacant (ce qui ne me tue pas me rend plus forte) ce que ma mère dit toujours.
Mais Madame Rana Shaaban la directrice du primaire avait une très belle idée de rendre la langue française obligatoire pour l’année qui vient ( 2007), donc j’étais chanceuse de commencée un nouveau programme dans une si belle école.
Je n’aime pas me vanter ni parler de moi même mais j’ai commencée mon travail cœur et âme, et il n’y avait pas de problème, tout le monde étaient content, les enfants, les parents la directrice, mes parents, …etc
Je n’avais aucun problème jusqu'en 2010 puisque ma résidence n’a pas était renouveler et que j’attendais et j’attendais tout en restant dans mon poste et en attendant que l’école fasse quelque chose.
Mais rien. Cette année je suis aller toute seule au ministère du travail et au ministère de l’intérieur avec mes papier afin de renouveler ma résidence, et maintenant j’attends la réponse.
J’aime mon travail, je respecte ma directrice et j’aime la Jordanie. Je voudrais savoir votre Majesté si j’ai fait quelque chose de mal en restant ici en Jordanie.
Je suis prête à jurer toute ma vie sur le Coran seulement pour savoir quel crime ai-je commise pour ne pas avoir ma résidence.
L’enseignent n’a-t-il pas la même valeur qu’un prophète (قم للمعلم ووفه التبجيلا ** كاد المعلم ان يكون رسولا)
J’espère avoir la chance de lire un de vos messages et qu’on vous écrivant je n’ai causée de problèmes a personne.
Merci Votre Majesté, mes sincères respects
Maîtresse Rima
Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Teachers Academy is a great initiative! Teachers are the ones who make our children responsible and integer adults. Everything starts with education!


Thursday, January 6, 2011

Your Majesty,

This is an excellent initiative! A great way to bridge the gap between students and their teachers. These role models who children see most of the day should be able to sound modern and relevant. Children these days, are more exposed to technology and global innovation, teachers should be able to relate to all this by encouraging brainstorming, speaking up and learning from mistakes.

Fear should not be harbored, but replaced with mutual respect.
I look forward to hearing updates on the successes of the academy! I work in a international education company and would be delighted to help in any way, if needed.

Best regards and happy 2011,
Basma Al Nabulsi

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Your Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah:
I had the horned meeting you and His Majesty King Abdullah II in Edinburgh this summer during my involvement as a volunteer in Connecting Classrooms Project between Jordan and Durham City in the UK. I was offered the chance to get involved by an invitation from the international officer in County Durham (British Council Rep), after being involved in many volunteering and teaching activities in the local community at Durham.
I am currently based in the UK at the final stage of submitting my PhD thesis in Technology Enhanced Learning. I have chosen this field of study based on the need of Jordanian Higher Educational system for continuous improving and enhancing students’ perception towards learning experience.
I am a fellow of the UK Higher Education Academy. I also had the chance to work for 1 year at St Leonard’s Comprehensive Catholic School in Durham. This had deepen my expertise in dealing with students aged from 10-16 year olds studying science subjects, where I have successfully introduced new methodologies of teaching using new technologies developed at Durham University within my research group.
I am a proud Jordanian and I have been always dedicating my achievement to Jordan. Although there are many career opportunities for me to work in the UK, I am passionate to our country and would be proud to give any assistant to any educational initiative especially working under your vision of enhancing the Jordanian educational system.
I hope my post find its way to you, and hoping to hear back from you.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Your Majesty:
I am a Jordanian living and teaching mathematics and education in the United States. I completed my doctorate in mathematics education from Columbia University Teachers College. I was part of the Columbia University design team and participated in the Teachers Academy design retreat in summer 2008. I wanted you to know that I was very proud to have experienced such a major reform in teacher education. A reform of this magnitude is evidence of your continuing commitment to education in our beloved kingdom of Jordan. I have dedicated most of my research during my doctoral studies to academic globalization, and studied the impact of international study experiences on mathematicians in Jordan. I am very dedicated to our country, and know the vital roll education plays in any nation’s future, progress, and sustainability. I would be more than happy to provide assistance to any educational initiatives in our country.
I appreciate your time and look forward to hearing back from you.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Your Highness Queen Rania:
I received your reply regarding my interest to be of help to your education institution regarding effective teaching methodologies.
But I was told to prepare some modules of international standard. May Iexactly know what specific subjects and level shall I prepare for: for elementary, high school or higher levels? Please let me know what would be my role after I finished completing your request. Thank you.
Monday, May 10, 2010

You're Majesty
I would like to tell you how much I look up to you as a person and how grateful I am that you are our queen. and I must say you are a beautiful person inside and out and I would like to thank u for helping my husband noor Alden zaza and the rest of the souq down town after the burning that had happen last year.
And I know that this might not be the best place to talk of this but it concerns me a lot.
I am 19 now and have been married for a year and a half but I didn’t finish studying I was in an IGCSE program that I didn’t finish in school.
And now I would like to finish high school and go to university but my problem is, is that I have a daughter and cant go to school and the universities in Jordan do not consider if I finish my IGCSE tests in the British council they say I have to attend 12 years of school or wait three years and take Jordan towjeehi which I can not do because I was born in America I speak and read Arabic but cant study I was and international student and I don’t know what to do my dream is to study business administration and it concerns me because im sure there are others like me.
Please let this be an issue to solve and thank you for your time
Hanah basher abdalla

Friday, March 5, 2010

how can I contact this academy,Is there a website for it/