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Last updated Wednesday, May 10, 2006


“EDUCATION:  A TWO-WAY STREET” Thank you, Nermin, for those kind words – and, more importantly, for all you do as president of...

"Ben and Izzy" Gala

New York, United States
Good evening and thank you, Barbara, for that kind introduction. I am excited to be here to celebrate the launch of Ben and Izzy - a magical feat of...

Women as Global Leaders: Communities in Transition

Zayed University- DUBAI, UAE
Life Stories Thank you, Sheikh Nahayan, for those kind words – and, more importantly, for your commitment to women’s education. I am...

"Global Education Initiative - WEF "

Davos, Switzerland
“Beyond Boundaries” Thank you, John, for that kind introduction.  It is great to be here with you and other visionary leaders to...

Sesame Workshop Awards Gala Dinner

New York, United States
Good evening and thank you, Leen, for those lovely words.  You may know the saying, “If you educate a woman, you educate a family.”...

International Finance Corporation- Unlocking the Potential of Microfinance in the Middle East and North Africa

Washington, DC
Thank you, [Mr. Jabre Assaad], for your very kind introduction – and, more important, for all you do as Vice President of the International...

German Media Award

2003 Deutscher Medienpreis - Baden-Baden, Germany
Your Majesty Queen Silvia [Queen of Sweden, co-recipient of 2003 German Media Prize], Distinguished guests, Herr Koegol [Mr. Karlheinz Koegel,...

University of Exeter Summer Degree Congregation

Exeter, United Kingdom
Esteemed Chancellor,Excellencies,Students, parents, and families of the class of 2001,Ladies and Gentlemen, You honor me deeply with this degree, and...