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Sustainable Development

Jordan, along with several other Arab nations, is increasingly weaving the tenets of sustainable practices into day-to-day business.

That means taking greater account of the economic, social, and environmental impact of our decisions. From farms in the Jordan Valley producing organic crops to Jordanian corporations publishing sustainability reports, step by step we are adopting a new outlook on life and a new approach to doing business.

In today’s tough economic times, these efforts are even more critical. Issues like unemployment, climate change, and access to education don’t vanish but are exacerbated during a downturn.

Meanwhile, our region faces substantial hurdles to development: chronic water shortages… the highest unemployment rate in the world… a burgeoning and youthful population… the untapped potential of women… and, a school system not attuned to the demands of today’s job market.

By addressing these issues now we can spur growth as well as tackle long-term challenges. That is a fundamental truth in an age where our economic, social, and environmental systems are so interconnected.

So we must abandon harmful and self-interested practices for business methods that maximize the bottom lines of both company and community.  In other words, we need greater transparency, more accountability, and better governance.

That is why Jordan is embracing sustainability practices, because we believe we can create sustainable products and jobs without compromising the country’s prospects or profits.

For example, the Jordan River Foundation (JRF) was the first NGO in the region to issue a sustainability report. JRF strives to make all its projects community and climate conscious, partnering with villages like Rasoun to transform them into models of sustainable development.  The tourism sector, exemplified by the award-winning Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature (RSCN), is on a track to transform itself into a sustainable industry, building eco-friendly accommodation, advising communities how to protect their resources, and establishing wildlife and nature sanctuaries.

We are also proud of the Arab Sustainability Leadership Group (ASLG), the foremost regional network of businesses, government agencies, and NGOs dedicated to this holistic and humane work ethic.

Formed in Jordan in 2008, ASLG is committed to the highest standards of sustainability practices and – encouragingly – growing in strength. As leading practitioners in sustainability, members are setting the pace of business and proving that the Arab world can respond to global challenges. When it comes to sustainability, ASLG is the regional standard bearer.

To encourage broader adoption of 21st Century business practices, ASLG launched in 2009 the first Arab Responsible Competitiveness Index (ARCI).  ARCI is an invaluable indicator for the Middle East on the status of industries and services, guiding governments and CEOs alike on how they can successfully combine conscience and competitiveness.

Others are following as they recognize Responsible Competitiveness for its value.  National level initiatives are sprouting in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates.  And, the Arab world can now look with pride to efforts, such as Masdar in Abu Dhabi, or Sekem Group in Egypt.

While other countries move into the field of sustainability, Jordan will continue to innovate, solidifying its position as a leading regional economy, society, and role model.  Jordan’s first national responsible competitiveness report is part of this strategy, helping us recast Jordan businesses to compete.

Of course, we are all stakeholders in this process. The public, private, and non-profit sectors have their roles to play, as do communities locally and countries globally.  If we each take on this new, sustainable outlook we can fashion a society that puts people above poverty and the planet under protection.

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Jorge Furtado
Friday, January 6, 2012

Y. R. H. Queen Rania al- Abdullah
Please accept my respects for all thework you are continuously performing.

Monday, October 10, 2011

WAQAS AHMAD AHMAD posted the group post, dear queen
i am a student & i am 23y old and first time visiting your website after learning about your holy gigantic mission i began liking your holy mission.I am really impressed from your holy work for humanity.i would like to say you that u are like a holy Angle who is distributing the light of knowledge and help to humanity.I whould also become like you,my prays are for u and also for those who are devoting their lifes for humanity. may ALLAH peace be with u & your holy purpose of your life... for ever insha Allah (Ameen)
Waqas Ahmad from Sultanate of Oman


Saturday, October 8, 2011

We have it. It took 3 long years.

You can't say "...and within a year, citizens in Amman will have enough water to..." and then not deliver, without appearing overly optimistic.

I suppose I was, but never gave up. A partnership out of Africa (who would have thought?), combined with concrete inspired by Jordan, may hold the answer to this issue.

...and water leads to many things related to prosperity and an improved standard of living.

Wish us luck over the next few months. If this works as planned, Jordan will have her "river" from the Red Sea north - as promised.

Friday, October 7, 2011

i too much love Islamic culture & ideology....,

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Many buildings which could literally overnight be converted to corporations. We have to begin congressional debate about this and brainstorming as citizens new ways to balance competivenss with concious business

Saturday, July 30, 2011

We have to take the torch. Take our own slack. Like this talks about. Begin laying a foundation for tommorows growth. Each minute we waste the same issue gets larger. Responsibilty now keeps the credit rating and tax hikes from weaking other bricks of the foundation. Dont wait till next year to think about how this is a balancing act. Wait till a apartment building full of able bodied people is hungry to begin thinking about how to feed ourselves.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Joyous and Blessed Ramadan,

I think initiatives like this are going to have to be daily practices everywhere. For example if the debt ceiling is raised we have to immediately begin new spending practices. I think 4 percent of everyone's monthly income could go into a "Job Creation Department of each government". Or at least non-profits who are doing this. Corporations have set the trail for us with technology and corporate models to follow.

Friday, July 22, 2011

MBA - Marketing Operations - IMT
Oxford university london

Contact -

Friday, July 22, 2011

* Creating communities - For example collecting all the poor peoples and all those who are needy not have a home,or even those who want to earn to satisfy basic needs,by collecting them in a place we can organise different small groups as per there skills and push them for work, say wonder crops or education or any other division,plantation,irrigation etc etc.
I will wait for your instructions.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Respected Madam,
I think solution is hidden in problem..
In my opinion the solution for a better and safer world is to stop doing following acts:
* Wastage of water - Adapting water harvest technique for every house and inspiring people for same.
* Wastage of fuel - Using green vehicles by using jatropha as fuel so that low pollution & high performance can be attain.

Friday, June 10, 2011

ahh i think in diferent thing that everyone and everything in th world can to owe yourself but just have rule something to do and respect really i'm thai girls and admit to help another people if i will not wait someone if i can i will and here i saw and feeling good about Queen Rania because she is good for world can help another people in her eyes looking bright make me thinking about something for human status and really i want to help her to do works also haha

Samer M.
Thursday, May 12, 2011

Your Respected Majesty,

first of all i'm shy of telling you this ( I ADORE YOU ) , then i'd like to thank you for you'r hard-works that raised the knowledge in our country . and improve the shape of the country and community in all the world :) i'm looking forward to reading your new subjects, GOD bless you .

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


“We will continue our promotion campaigns in Europe and intensify them in Gulf countries,” JTB Director General Nayef Fayez told The Jordan Times yesterday.

“The current situation is difficult. There are cancellations, but we are looking ahead to the next high season,” he noted.

If it's so, then DO SOMETHING!
Until now I HAVEN'T seen ANY special advertisement about Jordan in Germany (I think it's part of Europe). The campaigns cannot be continued if they are not begun. The campaigns should reach the people.

Only complaining will not help!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Your Respected Majesty,

First off allow us to send our warmest regards to your highness for establishing the Sustainable Development initiative to address the major risks that Jordan and the rest of the world are facing. We are in a critical time and only through innovation and partnerships can we solve the major issues at hand. Being a Jordanian and living abroad this brings pride and joy to my heart.

We would like an opportunity to present a Sustainable Agriculture Project to you. This a project that was developed to address many of the resource constraints of which Jordan is facing. Below are some of the highlights of this project:

- This project will provide food at very competitive prices compared even when compared conventional/non-organic food.
- This project is able to provide eight times more vegetables than a conventional farm of an equivalent footprint.
- The vegetables produced are certified organic.
- The water usage is only 2% of a conventional vegetable farm.
- The power usage to produce 1,000 kg/month of vegetables and 150 kg/month of fish is 360 Kw hours/month.
- Energy requirements could be met through bio-diesel and solar generators to achieve a zero carbon footprint.
- Through high yielding atmospheric water generators the green houses could be kept cool and provide all of the water needs of the farm with about 9 kw/hour.
- This project requires minimal capital in comparison to other projects with similar crop yields.

Many of the technologies involved in this project are currently in operation in various countries such as Australia, Canada, Israel, Haiti and the United States. This would be the first project to integrate the various technologies to produce these remarkable results. We plan to present this project to the Qatar Nationn. We would like to partner with your sustainable development initiative to build a prosperous future and lead the innovation in the Middle East.

We could relief some of the concerns of today by building the first world's most sustainable farm in Jordan. This project would not only bring organic food to Jordan, but it would increase local production of organic produce in Jordan. Similar projects could be applied in an NGO project to create a "Living Food Bank" which provides a constant supply of fresh food and allow the locals to become educated about a very innovative approach to agriculture. This project is a successful business model and could be adapted to suite any environmental issues as we have seen in various countries.

We look forward to hear your thoughts and comments about this project.

Warmest Regards,

Ahmad Abuothman MBA
Co-Founder & Vice President

Green Harvest - Blue Skies LLC
Austin Texas, United States
Tel: +1 512 965 3226
Fax: +1 512 847 6759

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Monday, March 14, 2011


We should rethink our blind trust in tecnicians, even if it hearts. Condolence and disaster relief for Japanese people will not be enough. The economical emergency should not justify the use of all available technical methods. We MUST RECOGNIZE the limits of our capabilities.

Thursday, March 10, 2011


Where does it lead to, if we let Amman become Jordan itself,
if almost all the Jordanian people will live in the capital?

I can say it will be TERRIBLE. Already now the most of the
people try to get there hoping for jobs and better living
conditions. The gap is already enormous between the county
and the capital, and it is mirrored already by the social
violences. But if this process continues, earlier or later
all this differences may disappear because there will not
be any people in the country.

People can say there are many giant cities in the world,
we could have it, too. But this people have never been or
lived in Mexico-City or Rio de Janeio. They have never
experienced the slums and the crime that exists there.
Jordanian politicians have never experienced how much it
costs to keep these cities intact and what it means to keep
the masses of people in the "hand" if these are unsatisfied.
All the developing countries seem to do the same mistake,
they seem not to be able to learn from the experiences of the
industrial states.

In a country like Jordan, where there are only a few natural
recources, practiacally you could decide it independently where
to settle your companies, where you create your workplaces.

I know it's easier to say as to do, but in many cases we
need not very much effort to do it. Let me show it in a
simple example. I was very much impressed by the Robitics
Competition for arabic students (pupils). I find the initative
is very useful, but should it be always held in Amman.
Why not held it in the county, let's say at he Mutah Universty.
I think there are no special conditions that make it necessary
to held such an event in the capital. And that county university
could get more prestige, and probably they would get the idea
to enhance their robotics department (or setup one if they do
not have any), they could organize robotics competitions
for university students, too. If there is a good research
centre for robotics at the university, there may "grow" a
startup company dealing with robotics. And the chain may
continue to grow...

The answer may begin with "But..". I think we should look for
the arguments not for "Why NOT possible", but we should search
the way that could help.


Where does it lead to, if we let Amman become Jordan itself,
if almost all the Jordanian people will live in the capital?

I can say it will be TERRIBLE. Already now the most of the
people try to get there hoping for jobs and better living
conditions. The gap is already enormous between the county
and the capital, and it mirrored already by the social
violences. But if this process continues, earlieror later
all this differences may disappear because there will not
be any people in the country.

People can say there are many Giant cities in the world,
we could have it, too. But this people have never been or
lived in Mexico-Cyty or Rio de Janeio. They have never
experienced the slums and the crime that exists there.
Jordanian politicians have never experienced how much it
costs to keep these cities intact and what it means to keep
the masses of people in the "hand" if these are unsatisfied.
All the developing countries seem to do the same mistake,
they seem not to be able to learn from the experiences of the
industrial states.

In a country like Jordan, where there are only a few natural
recources, practiacally you could decide it independently where
to settle your companies, where you create your workplaces.

I know it's easier to say as to do, but in many cases we
need not very much effort to do it. Let me show it in a
simple example. I was very much impressed by the Robitics
Competition for arabic students (pupils). I find the initative
is very useful, but should it be always held in Amman.
Why not held it in the county, let's say at he Mutah Universty.
I think there are no special conditions that make it necessary
to held such an event in the capital. And that county university
could get more prestige, and probably they would get the idea
to enhance their robotics department (or setup one if they do
not have any), they could organize robotics competitions
for university students, too. If there is a good research
centre for robotics at the university, there may "grow" a
startup company dealing with robotics. And the chain may
continue to grow...

The answer may begin with "But..". I think we should look for
the arguments not for "Why NOT possible", but we should search
the way that could help.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Most Honourable Queen,

I am producing a one hour documentary on Site 41 and Beyond in Canada for local, regional, national, and international television broadcast. See

This documentary epitomizes the very best qualities of sustainability, education, and local community involvement.

Layial El-Hadi and Darin Rovere of Sustainabilty Excellence, a member of the Arab Sustainability Leadership Group and I have been in contact with each other discussing the Site 41 and Beyond Documentary Project, and corporate donations to the project.

For a corporate donation of $ 5,000.00 or more each organization will receive the appropriate credit in the production and a dvd copy of the completed production. In addition, for each corporate donation of $ 5,000.00 or more a dvd copy of the existing 12 minute communications documentary - 'Site 41: A Quarter Century Fight To Preserve Clean Water' will sent out upon receipt of the donation (which can be viewed on-line at the 'Screening Room' webpage of the website).

It is my sincere hope that members of the Arab Sustainability Leadership Group, yourself and others will take up the opportunity to donate to this worthy cause. I know that sustainabilty, education and local community involvment are particular issues for you, as they are for the Arab Sustainability Leadership Group, which is a leader in sustainabillty projects and financially supports sustainabillty projects outside the Arab world.

Instructions on how to donate to the Site 41 and Beyond Documentary Project can be found on the 'Donations & Contributions' page of the webiste.

Best and warmest regards,

Todd Harris
Site 41 and Beyond Documentary Project

Gilaborg SB
Friday, February 4, 2011

Dear Honorable Queen,

We are a group of students that study Bachelor in Innovation and Entrepreneurship, in Norway. A few months ago our crown prince His Majesty Haakon Magnus and his family visited Your Highness. Since Your Highness is nearly as popular here as our own Royal family, we received these news with pleasure here in Norway.
For the last two years we have been working with a non-profit project that enables the inhabitants of western Europe to donate in an elegant and easy manner. As Your Majesty probably allready is aware of, charity is becoming more and more important in this part of the world and millions of Euro are gathered each year to help the less fortunate inhabitants of the world. Sustainable development is a challenge, and it is as we know dependant on economic support. That is what we wish to contribute with. To make the circle complete we wish to have a contributor from a country outside Europe. None seem to fit better than Your Highness, with Your commitment to education and sustainable development.
For further inquiries and opportunity to participate, please contact us. We look forward to Your reply and wish You, Your family and Your people happiness and prosperity.

Kind Regards,

Hege Borgland and Deni Greve Gema
Gilaborg SB

Thursday, February 3, 2011


I'm going to set up a little company with Jordanian engineers and
software specialists. As I need young professionals and I'm going
to cooperate with university researchers, too, I thougt the
universities would be the best places to find the proper people.

With the hope, that I can find out to wich places it could
be worth to go personally, I began to investigate on the internet.

When checking Jordanian University (state and private) websites
in order to see what academic programs they offer and to see what
research activities they have, I had the impression the website
for many of them is only a facade. There are modern institutes
and departments named after the King, probably because the King
has initiated the establishment of these. So far so good, but
when finding out that there is nothing behind the pages (in many
cases there comes nothing when you click on many the menu items,
many pages are not implemented or almost empty), I was very

The king may start the best initiative, but if the responsible
people do not understand what it is about, you cannot achive

Is it sustainable what here is happening?

SUSTAIN means among others:

"to keep up or keep going, as an action or process"

Did ANYBODY take care of the EDUCATION/RESEARCH process itself?

Recently I really enjoyed reading about the "surprise visits" of
the king in different regions of the country. These "unannounced
first-hand checks" must be the most effective way of control -
as demonstrated by some ancient kings like the renessaince
Hungarian King Matthias Corvinus ( 15th century ) - he became the
most successfull and most favourite king of Hungary.

I know, we should need some hundreds of kings to carry out
surprise visits. But if I started an enterprice and invested much
money or energy to a project, I would try to ensure with all means, that it brings its friuts.

In the case of universities: the persons working there should be
convinced that it would be their own interest to demonstrate on
their websites what they do, and to show that they were ready to
take part in industrial projects. So they would have much more
idea what knowledge in the business life is necessary, on the other hand they could expand financial resources. Just being happy to have a sure job cannot be satisfactory for university professors!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Sustainable development is a challange and a chanche.
Developing counties may have a good chanche to jump over some
developement steps, if they are aware of what other
high-developed countries already did, including all the mistakes
and meander. It is not necessary to do the same mistakes what the
others did. Let me mention two European / German examples.

Example: light bulbs
In order to save energy the light balls should be eliminated in
Europe because of their low effectivity. So It will be step wise
prohibited to sell the old types. The intention might be plausible,
but if you examine the new energy saving bulbs,
- you need much more energy and material for their production,
- you need additional resources for the production (wich material
can run out fast, because you need an immence amount of light
bulbs. So we could experience the same situation as in the case
of rare earths elements used for mobile phones hybrid motors,
plasma and LCD Displaysand batteries, radars. Actually the new
bulbs contain rare earth elements, too.)

- these lamps contain quicksilver, that can be dangerous for your
health, when hey are broken.
- the price of these balls are almost 10 times higher than that of
the conventional ones.

Of course you can save a good amount of energy with them
(if they are not broken within one year - as I had to experience at
home with 2 lamps)

Summarized: the main winner is the lobby of those groups who are
interested in the introduction of more expensive new bulbs.

Example: subventions for solar companies

For years the solar industry has been the darling of politicians
(and of course of the investors). They have supported With billions
the development of solar systems. The result: Solar cells fired from
the roofs like mushrooms from the ground after rain, the industry
was booming in Germany. The solar companies could reap big profits
(instead of lowering the prices as a result of a mass production).
But nowdays it became obvious that the subsidies have drawn the
industry in the wrong direction.
Now the subventions will be cut (similar to France), but it's already
too late: China has overtaken the leading role in the production of
colar cells.

My conclusion:
There are no better nations that do everything better. It's our own
responsibility to get around in the world with opened eyes, and of
course to learn from the mistakes of others. The only thing what we
need is: well educated open minded people on the right positions
with proper financial recognation (the last one is necessary
in order to be able overcome temptations coming from the side of
different interest groups)

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Her Magesty Rania Al Abdullah!
I would like to appreciate the great work you are doing for human rights, education and economic welfare for not only your country but for humanity.
I am Kalpesh Tiwari,from Mumbai, India. I am Executive Director of Thumbrule Dermatolyphics Pvt. Ltd.
We have introduced a unique technology known as "Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test". This technology helps in identifying inborn talent of an individual, his multiple intelligence distribution, his learning style, his brain bias, his work management style,Learning sensitivity,etc. It uses scientific techniques of Dermatoglyphics to give this results.
Dermatoglyphics is scientific study of fingerprints and is 200 years old science.
This technology is very useful for children as it finds out their inborn talent, even 2 years old child can undergo this test. This test will make every parent to understand their child well and groom them accordingly.

This technology is popular in countries like China, Singapore, Malaysia and Taiwan. We would like to promote this technology in other part of world.
We have recently formed our own reseach center in Singapore namely "Asian Dermatoglyphics Research Center".
We would like to forward you our proposal, including a short introductory presentation about this test, to give you a synopsis of our technology.
Should you need to get in touch with, kindly feel free to touch base with me at anytime of your convenience. Contacting details below.
Kalpesh Tiwari
ThumbRule Dermatoglyphics Pvt. Ltd.,
22, 1st Floor, Lake City Mall, Majiwade,
GB Road, Thane, Maharashtra (India)
P | + 91-022-25403541, M |+ 91-9004644013

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Dear Queen

My name is Thandeka Mayekiso, from Cape Town, South Africa. I am the founder and director of the Karoo Butterfly Centre (KBC). Let me give a bit of background on the KBC:

The Karoo Butterfly Centre ( KBC) is a Safe House to be erected for vulnerable and at-risk children and destitute boys and girls: Sexually abused, abused and orphaned children (mostly through HIV/AIDS), in Beaufort West in the Central Karoo Municipality District (CKDM) in South Africa.

As a Safe House, the KBC will provide the required safe environment where these girls and boys would meet their basic needs such as shelter, education, medical & psychological care, proper hygiene; legal assistance, food, warmth and a family.

The KBC would be honoured if you could partner with us, and help us get this much needed initiative off the ground. Our website still under construction, and will be up and running by mid/end of December, 2010.

On request, we would like to forward you our proposal, including a short introductory DVD that we had produced, to give you a synopsis of our project, the challenges involved and the people affected by it.

Should you need to get in touch with, kindly feel free to touch base with me at anytime of your convenience. Contacting details below


Thandeka M. Mayekiso
(Founder & Director)
Cell: +27 (0) 76 145-2289
Fax: 086 574 - 7277
Skype: thandywam1
If you sincerely give from your heart, and love from the depths of your soul, you will always have something in reserve...Thandy

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Her Magesty Rania Al Abdullah!
I am very happy to have contact with you,I admire her for the kindness with he handles to fate of his people Jordan.Also I admire Her for it beauty and simplicity that put in the first place among the sovereign of World.
I am muslim scientist (PhD)from Dagestan,Caucasus.I would like introduce for Her Magesty our Global Project "Alive Water"( You know fresh watercity around World at soon will create a big tension between countries and dirty fresh water killing a millions children today.So I ask You to support our Global Project "Alive Water"for blessing Jordan...

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

It is heartening to learn that such an inteligent, knowledgable and rational minded person like Her Majesty is working for welfare and improvement of life of Arab people in general and children and women in particular. All countries in Arab councils should support this by all means to make the social, cultural and financial status of Arab people more sound and help them getting their rightful place in all world forum. After all like Hindu and Chinese, Arab civilisation is very old and has contibuted a lot in different era with its high philosophy taught by Holy Koran.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I would be very grateful to Her Majesty if given an opportunity to be a part in any development projects in Jordan. If Her Majesty feels, I can send my resume. I hope, wish and pray that my this message is presented before Her Majesty. Wish all a very happy Idul Joha

Monday, November 15, 2010

Dear Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah,
i really appreciate all the work you are doing for Jordan and awareness that you spread all over the world.
As an expert in field of environment, me and my stakeholders and colleagues of our consulting company in Slovakia are more than happy to offer you any help in field of environmental protection if needed. We are highly qualified experts in environmental impact assessment, waste management and legislation in field of environment of EU. If JRF would have any projects that would need experienced consultants in the field of environment we'll be more than happy to be a part of it.
Best regards
Ivana Males

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Your Magesty,
First i would like to salute you, about your kindness and for all the wonderful job done! We are an Ememergency Volunteear organization but very poor without hellp ! We would like to join to any group that Your Magesty hellp if there is one! PLease let we know how can we have any hellp from yours we are at, we combat florest fire and emergêncy?Best
Regards and thank you
Cmdt.Nac - Rodrigues

Monday, November 8, 2010

Your majesty

You are my IDOL , i offer my humble experience to you to help you with your great and passionate work , you are truly a great woman , we all love you soooo much , and wish you the best .
I wish I'll have the opportunity to work with you someday ,you have our full support,love and respect .

Best of wishes and prayers

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Dear Your Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah

I am writing this letter to you with the hope, as I believe that you and my company have the same passion and vision to see that every child globally has the opportunity and right to be educated.

I am humbly requesting your assistance if possible, as I have designed a product called the “Mobi-Desk” which has taken me 10 years of hard work and dedication due to my concern about the lack of facilities to educate our youth globally. The “Mobi-Desk” offers an all in one portable learning solution. This product has been designed for the disadvantaged areas globally, where there are no schools and no school furniture. The “Mobi-Desk” can be used at school and at home.

I must sadly advise that I have approached various companies and African Governments and the feedback and impression is that there is too much corruption and red tape being practiced and thus my frustration is that I am fighting a loosing battle.

I believe that approaching you with your passion for the well- being of our youth being educated is the correct way to go, as with your contacts and your involvement with UNICEF and other various organisations, and influential people, that our vision, jointly, for the future for our children can be placed in action. Due to the restrictions on the websites of Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey and Bono (and many other dignatories) I have not be able to present my product to them.

Presently there are approximately 96 million children without proper access to education. My vision is to ensure that no less than 96 million children are properly educated within the next 5 years. My Company is a small company but I am proudly to say that my founder partner, Roy Colby and I have a common passion to ensure that this product eventually finds it’s way to these millions of children to ensure them to be educated for a better future.

I have accordingly attached my presentation for your perusal. Your comments, advise and feedback will be greatly appreciated.

Yours faithfully

Company President

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Hello everybody here. I am from Uzbekistan and I am looking for wealthy investors for research project. I don't think it takes much money in experiment, but equipment in the future which we need may become expensive. Also project requires patience as to reach for one result we need whole four seasons research, yes, certainly, my project is agricultural and it is done on ground. I am from poor family but with the wish for savab, to strive with hunger, I decided that the author of such project become someone from muslims. You may pay me for my idea after you reach the result as I wanted. Mainly, my idea is with the wish to improve muslims' life. For contact, my email is known for you by register.
Respectfully yours, Rustam

Friday, October 8, 2010

Her Majesty,

This is Raman from India,i saw your article from various website and blogs.its really good.everyone will take the social responsibility that help us to avoid the poverty.So unity is very you are doing well.i am a software Engineer.i have done so many project and i am doing some project for our people. these project content is for health,for disability people,like that.if u like our project i will do that for u without fees,i am waiting for your reply.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Votre secteur d’activité m’intéresse plus particulièrement, aussi aimerais –je pouvoir participer à des actions dans vos services,
Croyez monsieur à mon engagement dans les tâches que vous voudrez bien me confier.
s’adapter au sein d’une équipe pour apprendre, améliorer et innover, afin de contribuer à l’évolution de votre entreprise

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Her Majesty, Queen Rania Al Abdullah,
Queen of Jordan
I write this mail to you from Pakistan to convey my deepest regards to you for standing against the tides of time and face the biggest challenge of the humanity which is facing today ---------“food, shelter, clothing, good health and education.” I am Project Director in Government of Pakistan. I am about 41 & have 16 years community development experience. I offer my services for Jordan for Social, Community & Sustainable Development.
Look forward to your kind co-operation regarding this matter. I do hope to have a response from you.
Best regards.
Mansoor Alam Kolachi

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Una petición - Estimada Reina Rania, su compromiso con las causas justas me lleva aproponerle que apoye la causa saharaui,para que el pueblo saharaui pueda alcanzar un desarrollo sostenible,ya que sus recursos desde hace mas de 30 años están expoliados por Marruecos; y si esta mal la ocupación de los territorios palestinos por Israel ¿acaso no es lo mismo lo que Marruecos esta haciendo con el Sahara Occidental?, donde los saharauis son torturados y maltratados y donde los Derechos Humanos brillan por su ausencia La liga árabe y todos los países musulmanes,pues ambos países musulmanes, debería exigir a Marruecos que el pueblo saharaui tenga su estado, lo mismo que piden a Israel haga con Palestina. En el Sáhara hay muchas minas de fosfatos, grandes caladeros, materias primas, todas ellas en manos de los ocupantes marroquis, Una vez el Sáhara sea un pais propio, los saharauis puede lograr construir un país democrático y avanzado en servicios sociales, seguridad, etc... en definitiva un Desarrollo sostenible. Muchas gracias le deseo gran exito en sus proyectos, atentamente. Mª Angleles Lax]

Monday, September 27, 2010

Hello Queen Majesty
I lead a project called LiberoCammino for a tour operator in Italy. I'd love to find sustainable projects, women or children associations where we might ask for accommodations, visits, leaders and any other chance to visit your country and empower a true understanding of your country.
thans a lot for your kind attention

Laura Simioni
responsabile Libero Cammino - - mobile: 3356750343
progetto curato da Language Studio Lord Byron - Agenzia Viaggi e Turismo - S.r.L.
Piazza Aguselli, 35 – 47521 Cesena (FC) – tel. 0547 612346 – fax 0547 612878 - -
C.F. e P.I. 02457180400 C.C.I.A.A. Forlì-Cesena 94023/1996 – REA 262883 –

Friday, August 6, 2010

Hello Queen Majesty,
I work for a US company which has been meeting the needs of OB/GYNS all over the world by assisting in providing products for women's health.I am responsible for assisting these Physicians in the Middle East.
Do you lead any project especially designed to empower women in Jordan by providing them necessary health care?

Sunday, July 18, 2010

My name is Jenn. I am a single mom living in Southern California. I don't have much, but I want to help any way I can. I am a nurse and I work for a private practice medical group in Malibu. Just recently we donated some of our excess medications to an orphanage in Mexico. Many of our patients are financially secure and very kind, compassionate people. I will be sharing this web site with everyone, but that doesn't ease my concern nor does it change anything. I have been through some very profound/ life changing matters and if not for my education and a select few incredible people, I might not be here today.
I want to know how I can help. I don't have very much money, as I am raising 2 children on my own, but I can spare something. Plus, I can collect clothes, medical supplies, school supplies, etc....
Would any or all of these things be of help and, if so, how doI get in touch to discuss details?
Again, my name is Jennifer Rogers
My phone numbers are 310-774-1826 and 424-644-0458.
I live in Malibu, California of the United States and today is Sunday, July 18, 2010.
My email address is or
I hope to hear from someone soon.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

From the Desk of :

Raja Mukherjee
Business Head –India || MEENA Region || Rest of Asia
Cell :+91 98 04 32 01 92

India Office:

Knescopic Electronics Pvt. Ltd.
8/ 4 Rishi Bankim Chandra Road
Dum Dum Cantonment 4th Floor
Kolkata –700028
West Bengal , India
Tel:+91 33 25592014
Fax:+91 33 25298201[ Calcutta,India]
+88 62 66012059[ Taipei,Taiwan ]
+81 34 496472 7[ Tokyo,Japan ]

E-mail :

Telecommunications–R&D-Design &Development|Hardware Components| Electronics Testing|
Energy Management Solutions–Solar Energy Management|
Rural Electrification|R&D

Global Alliance Partners|| HWT Hwuawang Tel, China| TTIC Elec,Taiwan



Her Majesty
Queen Raina Al Abdullah
Queen of Jordan

Your Majesty,

I am Raja Mukherjee -Business Head –India ||MEENA Region || Rest of Asia for Knescopic Electronics Pvt.Ltd,an Indian company which has significantly expanded itself in Asia and Africa client base in the areas of:

[a] Energy Management Solutions –Solar Power Management :Urban& Rural Electrification Projects with complete expertise in cost -effective,non-hazardous solar grid management,solar lanterns and both rural & urban solar electrification solutions.

[b]Emergency Telecommunications systems– for Remote Access Areas
and emergency services,proven track record of Product Designing,Research & Development for GSM ,Fixed Line Telecommunications system.

I write this mail to you from India to convey my deepest regards to you for standing against the tides of time and face the biggest challenge that the human race is facing today -food,shelter,clothing,good health and education.

Knescopic was conceptualised by Mr.Subhash Ch Sarkar-Managing Director,who was born in the Andaman & Nicobar Islands-India an enginner and technologist by profession and has walked a long way to make a mark for indigneous Indian technology and research work across the face of Global competition.

I,Raja,by profession -a Private Banker and Corporate Banking specialist,with focus on alternative areas of investments and value creation;has been responsible for organic growth of Knescopic across the Globe and responsible for planning new initiatives.

I had gone through the entire work of Your Excellency and interested to Partner with Jordan River Foundation and your other initiatives to create a "Solar and Alternative Energy Foundation" wherein we plan to train and employ women from below poverty line in the region of Jordan and MEENA Region in the areas of Solar and Alternative energy management technology; and donate a min of 20% of our profits for further development of Primary Education and Nutrition for the poor in the region.

I request an appointment with Your Majesty, at Amman wherein my Managing Director and myself would like to call on you to discuss our initiatives with your foundation.

Look forward to your kind co-operation regarding this matter.

Thanking you.

Yours Sincerely,

Raja Mukherjee

Interesting facts to know:

*Global demand for solar PV Projected at over 11.3 GW in 2010.
*Photovoltaics [PV]:When electricity rather than heat is required,PV is a robust,flexible, scaleable technology which can provide energy for both houses and other buildings.
The typical sized household PV system for example will provide at least 2,000units of electricity per annum and save at least 1.14 tonnes of carbon dioxide annually.
PV has a proven working life of 45 years plus and modules typically come with a 25 year manufacturers warranty.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Your Majesty. I'd like to address one small measure of sustainability in government that just about all eGovernment Web sites worldwide fail in regards to sustainable measures. One of the most remarkable and least costly initiatives that a government can implement is in the area of online transactions processing via government forms.

Jordan like most countries throughout the world host online PDF forms. However the workflow is rooted in antiquated methods whereas a constituent needs to download the form, hand write data (most governments including Jordan don't host fillable forms), print the form, and deliver to a host government agency. The 21st century model is to host a fillable PDF form where constituents can populate the form with data and submit the form to a government server where the data are collected and routed electronically.

This is not a criticism of Jordan for all countries throughout the world use the same manual methods for processing government forms. In the USA, less than 5% of government forms are processed electronically.

What is needed in the world of government today is for one country to take a leadership role in automating government services —particularly in electronic processing of government forms. To date, a clear leader in this area is yet to be identified.

Benefits from embracing an automated workflow results in fewer costs for constituents and more revenue for government. Travel and waiting is eliminated from the process resulting in less cost and demand on constituent's time. Government realizes more revenue by assessing modest fees for transactions. The sustainable measure is obviously in reducing significant amount of paper, reduction in transportation to and from government offices, printing, and storage space.

What is needed today is for a country to take a leadership role in eGovernment and set a new standard to help engage constituents and businesses in government services. I have been working recently with countries in Southeast Asia. Progress is slow but some achievements have been made. I believe however, that Jordan, because of it's leadership and infrastructure is an ideal candidate to become a role model in eGovernment services for the benefit of the people of Jordan and a chance at achieving global recognition.

This is a 21st century best business practice and deserves some attention. Feel free to contact me if you would like any additional information.

Warmest Regards,

ted padova
Author: Adobe Acrobat PDF Bible

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I am writing to you from Abkhazia. You know, there is a small but very beautiful country on the shores of the Black sea. In 1992-93 we had a war with Georgia, after which many victims were left.
My name is Victoria Dumava. During the war, I had a road accident, spinal fracture - since then I am in invalid’s wheelchair.
Such beauty as we have in Abkhazia one can hardly find anywhere else. We invite you and your wonderful children (you can rightly be proud of them) to visit us. We have the most beautiful mountains, rivers, waterfalls, beautiful sea, resort cities such as Gagra, Pitsunda, the most beautiful lake in the world Ritsa, and of course the best people in the world. We call ourselves Apsua or Abaza people and call our country ABKHAZIA.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Respected Majesty,

All your endeavours are very laudable as for a Queen, I do bow my head for finding the will, time, energy, helping others. I just came to know about your commitment from Face book and I am indeed very pleased to address you the present message, hoping it reaches you.

As for myself, I am a young Mauritian architect, trained in France and Germany. After having successful completed my studies with the most outstanding recognitions, I left Europe, though great job opportunities, to go to the African continent.

The last 5 years, I have been actively serving in several African countries developing humanitarian projects. Furthermore, in my motherland, Mauritius, I have also launched a series of sustainable development projects, all on purely voluntary basis. Over 60% of time is devoted to others as from my point of view, the knowledge I gained is to serve others, in practical ways, for the betterment of the community.

I do not know if you have a policy to implementing projects in African countries but if it so, I would be a great honour if you could have a short look to some of our endeavours, from one of the NGO where I am a pioneer member and today a leading NGO in Mauritius: I am also the national coordinator of the very first “Green Awards Mauritius” to recognising and rewards environmental stalwart ship in Mauritius. Again it is a challenging initiative; please follow:

Others projects are supported by “Vertecture Foundation for Sustainability”, which has been recently established by myself so as to lead my social activities with “professionalism”. Updates of ongoing activities will appear on (still under construction)

My major concern as a professional and social worker is to fight poverty and bring sustainable and affordable housing to the neediest ones. The main challenge remains financing and that is why, to be straight, I am addressing you the present message.

It is not only money that is important but also, the lobby of “powerful” or I prefer influential person like you who can help in realising some of our projects.

I do know and see the great number of messages you receive but I do hope to have a response from you.

With anticipated thanks and kindest regards from Mauritius



Saturday, May 1, 2010

There is no doubt that Jordan and other Arab country locate in the heart of world resourse,so that ecery action made by these governments poses a grrat thret to the developing of the world.If the spirit of sustainability can be planted in the region,people there may change their kind of working instead of exporting resourse,scientists will have enough time to research new energy for production .
There has been a great deal of meetings in this topic,however,because of the different profit of different countries,this problem has not been solved.But nowadays,we will become the masters of our planet,new order will be built and sustainable avenue will become true.

laurie blum
Thursday, April 29, 2010

My paintings are about the Celebration of Divinity of Nature: Inner Garden Gallery,
I believe in nurturing ourselves by nurturing our Earth. Organic is best. Clean energy is best! Celebration of Nature- Nowruz! Lets have a race to see who can have cleaner energy not nuclear power which can destroy our world! I would like to collaborate with my art towards this end to bring awareness to be thankful for the beauty in Nature around us.
Thursday, April 8, 2010

I have read this article and me she has seemed a lot interesting. Beginning to specify that I still never have unfortunately not visited her nation and never I have not been in Saint earth. But I hope in a future one close can come, because I have the great desire to see the places where Jesus has lived and carried out his life, but also Petra is a city that fascinates to me very.
Returning to the article me a lot is pleasure the fact that she from economist has found the antidote in order to let out to enough fast step from the crisis an entire region. Because as she has deciphered the problem prince who holds blocked many nations to not the improvement is to run after the interests of the little to demage of the majority of the people reducing the nations to the stasis of the society not becoming account that this way to make economy ago badly the entire economic apparatus. This problem does not regard only your region, but all the planet. Italy overhead! This state of the things is possible only because the petty politicians allow this situation. Task, but above all I hope with all the heart that succeeds to let out from this optical an entire region, but is much complicating. Also because of usual these situations have been come to create after years of compromises. But creed that her thought is the only way for giving a true one carried out to the entire planet! Also her to opt for the renewable energy with the use of solar paddles is a great step ahead for her nation or regarding the occupational levels and or like inner progress in order to depend less possible from other states to energy level. In Italy this experience with optimal result has been carried out in the Puglia region and has been happening!
Certainly this indeed gigantic crisis has uncovered the embrittlement or to financial economic level and or to level that every single state has in itself.
I use regarding it of the women in your culture effectively you have this deep problem. As the great feminine dowries they make the difference or in positive and or in negative. Because a woman can save the surrounding world, but at the same time it she can also destroy, according to as she uses own abilities!
Also from we the school is not apt to the working woven one indeed he was already completely insufficient, but after the “reform” that I conceive personally it only to modify a system in order to still more adapt it to of the cuts of the field rendering the institution lacking school. I do not want to prolonged exposing the failures to cultural and scholastic level of my nation!
Regarding the emergency water I could mention a road a lot important, that already you have even taken in consideration, but since I have not seen it mentioned I would want to put it in prominence. A solution in order to make to change the climate and to render it more rainy thus to render the stratums water-bearing consisting without a doubt still more most effective and helps the atmosphere is the reforestation of part of the zone removing land to the desert. Certainly without to eliminate completely those fantastic landscapes that only the desert can offer. Putting plants that little have water requirements like the Baobab, the Palms, but also domestic Pines or Ulivi (since also you in Jordan have the influence of the mild Mediterranean climate), but also the Cedar of the Lebanese and others. In short, in a word to aim in the reforestation forming personal in this field for the maintenance and the guard of atmospheres greens. Because the process chemical-physicist who puts into effect itself this is: the plants stretch to establish a more humid climate. As the plants they release or water that carbon dioxide in the atmosphere therefore an exchange from the low towards the high of the atmosphere and consequently in order to put into effect the cycle where there are trees the precipitations are more frequent as the humidity absorbed from the atmosphere come given back to the earth. From this a microclimate is become stabilized that stretches favorable to the formation of the clouds that other are not that a complex formation of condensation layers. Which composition still is disowned, but like always the formation process is known before and then its effective composition. Therefore to work today for being able to give a better future also to water-bearing level to the generations to follow.
Regarding the climatic changes us from we in Italy the winters they are more and more becoming cold and long. Tasks that are from little days that the spring has arrived and it has been ended to melt the snow on the Appennines. This year is snowed also to Rome! In Russia incredible temperatures have been caught up. -30 to Moscow and -46 degrees in the Siberia. In Italy in some you leave has caught up also the -24 degrees!
In order to conclude I would want to say that I have a great hope in your potentialities in order to exit the crisis and to reconstruct also a cultural within of excellence like in past. Remembering a conquest on that chemistry has been already come to deliver up itself in the 813 anticipating the West of approximately a millenium. In 935 or down you have already subdivided chemistry in various addresses there and this for chemistry has been of fundamental importance. While from ours you leave has caught up the separation between chemistry and the single alchemy in 1785. This is only an example. Then with justice it could make present many me other arguments in which you have anticipated to us, but I being a lover of chemistry have deepened and memory own this argument.
Observing all the initiatives from undertaken she and that door ahead. Creed indeed that the Jordan with the engagement been putting that us is the example that can haul to the modernization of the Middle East. Certainly there are still many problems to resolve to its inside, but how much job in ahead has been made! Indeed impressive. Thinking that independence has been only caught up around 1962. Like expressing my admiration towards of you as reigning family I will use a word that I hope it can understand my appreciation: CONGRATULATIONS!
With this the salute with all the heart hoping that her action in thus many fields of job you carry always great fruits in the surrounding world.
The heart salute!

dr nawal
Sunday, April 4, 2010

I think, if we want to achieve sustainability we should embrace its ethics that is derived from sustainable development strategy, it was issued within the inter and intra generational principles of global Rio conference in 1992

Sunday, February 28, 2010

I have been recently into a regional conference where an interesting point was raised about the failure rate (reportedly above 50%) of strategic plan execution worldwide.

The top key factor for this failure was "poor, missing, or ineffective communications between the top level of the hierarchy across the middle levels and down to the lower levels within the hierarchy", a topic worth investigating - on its own - to reach the bottom of it and come with truly effective communication schemes that supports the strategy execution and produces tangible, quantifiable and measurable results to prove its effectiveness.

The second key factor for these failures was "lack of motivation and incentives for the lower ranks" to ensure their buy-in and sincere contribution to the success of these initiatives. People can be motivated in a variety of ways and this should be taken into consideration when dealing with the key players who can be the "make-or-break" point in the whole plan. An effective "merit" system along with a full-fledged incentive/award program has proven value already in making this happen.

As a professional who has recently worked extensively on the subject of strategic planning, strategic plan implementation and aligning daily operations to the overall strategic direction, I thought it would be worth it to share this information/thoughts on how to contribute to the success of key/strategic initiatives in public/private sectors in Jordan and the region.

I hope our public/private sector entities pick the importance of this topic and take it in consideration for the success of their key/strategic initiatives now and in the future.