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SUNDAY, DECEMBER 13, 2009, 07:00 AM

Real Time Web for Real World Change


After I tweeted, not long before I was to go on stage, I heard my name being called. I walked out and there in front of me were about 2,500 people and just as many laptops. Even though the venue previously functioned as a city morgue, the room was bustling, the atmosphere electrifying. This was Le Web ’09, the largest and edgiest conference in Europe for all things digital.
Attending were all the big names and soon-to-be big names of the online world. The conference is a two day menagerie of bloggers, tweeters, start ups, venture capitalists, entrepreneurs, executives, PR people and general tech-enthusiasts. And that doesn’t include the thousands of people watching online.
Two names that stand out are Loïc and Geraldine le Meur, the well-known founders of Le Web (well-known not just for their influence online, but for their charming bonhomie!). They’d invited me a few months back to come speak and, it being a high-tech event, I received the invitation via Twitter.
It was daunting, but I had been issued a challenge. Come meet these denizens of the digital world and talk to them about how they can make a difference in the real world.
You can read the remarks or watch the speech at your leisure, but let me give you the gist: social media for social change.
The Internet is more humanized than ever before. Our thoughts, emotions, and actions are online and on display for all to see. This has enhanced our ability to empathize, our instinct to be selfless. It explains why the social media community rallies so fervently to social causes. Just look at the protests in Iran or the typhoon in the Philippines. 
Yet, while so much of the online world is abuzz about important problems, relatively few in the offline world were active in helping solve them. But I believe we’re at a tipping point. 
In the coming years our voices will echo out from sites like Twitter or Facebook, breaking digital boundaries into the analogue world. The real time web will bring real world change.
I hope to channel this energy towards one of my passions: education for all. Through 1GOAL, we hope to use the latest widgets and gadgets to sign up 30 million people by the 2010 South Africa soccer World Cup Final. 
One initiative is 1DAY for 1GOAL. From April 19 to July 11, 2010 (the World Cup Final), we want as many companies, applications, and blogs to dedicate 1 day to 1GOAL. Whether it’s changing their website’s background or encouraging users to sign up, we want you to come up with ideas to channel support for global education and pressure world leaders to follow through with their aid promises.
After the speech, I met the top web gurus of our time to talk about 1GOAL. These great minds came up with some great ideas to support the campaign, and I’d only just told them about it. I can’t wait to see what they come back with later after they brainstorm on more ways to promote 1GOAL! 
To see what we get up to, keep an eye on 1GOAL here on my website, or on!
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Monday, December 21, 2009

How many people take the time and effort to put a global message out about caring, understanding, and that we can make things better by helping each other. A global community of peace. What a vision. I am so glad that I stumbled across Her Majesty's YouTube account. Now I just want to can I help?

Ken Samac
Saturday, December 19, 2009

Un-related note to Her Majesty Queen Rania and all of her online community.

Merry Christmas to all Christians, Happy Hanukah to all Hebrew brethren, may Allah bless all Muslims and goodwill to all Oriental believes i.e. Buddhism, Hinduism etc. Finally,Peace to all Women and Men on Earth.

FadiZ (not verified)
Friday, December 18, 2009

Rabab, try the video gallery at the bottom of this page. Go to Middle East Peace Gallery there is a video about Gaza, is this the one you are looking for?

Friday, December 18, 2009

I hope to know how could I get Her Majesty`s speeches concerning the Gaza Attack last year.
I need Her speeches and those of His Majesty King Abdullah,to complete my thesis which emphasizes the role of the Jordanian royalty in supporting the Palestanian case.
Rabab Mu`lish

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Not too long ago, the ability to communicate globally was a power only reserved for powerful governments. Then it became a power given to big business and now to us. What a beautiful insight you made on the humanization of the internet. Now is a time where the individual is given a platform and we're seeing our products and services customized to the individual. Anything from spaghetti sauce and our morning cup of coffee (Malcolm Gladwell does a wonderful talk about this to iphone apps and personal computers. Why not with education? How do we customize learning so that schools are fueled by the student's thirst for knowledge. You've mentioned the link that's needed in the private sector and education sector. The barrier seems to be education is run like a monopoly. After interviewing many teachers and students I have found they do not have much say our schools. In Asia, more respect is given to the teacher but its still a command only, top-down system. The issue is learning is not linear, nor is life.

An education for all should be a given and its atrocious that that's not the case. Further there is a crisis amongst those who do go to school. I wrote a piece about the aim in closing the achievement gap ( and for Title I kids to get a shot to go to college. I have had a privileged educational experience yet I did not feel prepared for today's world. As you've stated, we're living in a different time, a time where a degree does not guarantee job placement. People are going to school in record numbers thus there's academic inflation. What one needed an BA for now you need a MA for or a PhD... it is my belief the goal of education is not to go to college but to lead a good life. As a 26 year old Chinese/Japanese American woman I am concerned and hopeful our leaders and citizens with share this vision with me.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

What's spectacular is the power to communicate globally was a power reserved only to governments and later to large businesses and now to us. What is fueling a century of change every 25 years is this shift in power. We see in our daily lives the ability to customize anything from spaghetti sauce ( to iphone apps. So why not education? To bring education into the 21st century we need scalable, sustainable schools powered by the student's desire to learn and realize their passion. I hope for a synthesis between 21st century technology (example, gaming with the wisdom from our past. In an ever changing, hyper wired existence there are aspects that will never change. Finding empathy, love and compassion, finding humor in given situations... as overwhelming as it all is, those basics have always remained from the beginning of human history.

Ken Samac
Sunday, December 13, 2009

Her Majesty Queen Rania,
Forgive me for paraphrasing your comments, but you are correct; high tech is a very good vehicle to reach out to many. Your 1 Goal is an outstanding premise. On another note: I have a Master’s of Science degree in Information Technology, and often pondered on how we could reach the countries / people without the technologies many use and enjoy; your 1 goal is a great step in reaching more and more people. Great idea Her Majesty!!!