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SUNDAY, DECEMBER 13, 2009, 07:00 AM

Real Time Web for Real World Change


After I tweeted, not long before I was to go on stage, I heard my name being called. I walked out and there in front of me were about 2,500 people and just as many laptops. Even though the venue previously functioned as a city morgue, the room was bustling, the atmosphere electrifying. This was Le Web ’09, the largest and edgiest conference in Europe for all things digital.
Attending were all the big names and soon-to-be big names of the online world. The conference is a two day menagerie of bloggers, tweeters, start ups, venture capitalists, entrepreneurs, executives, PR people and general tech-enthusiasts. And that doesn’t include the thousands of people watching online.
Two names that stand out are Loïc and Geraldine le Meur, the well-known founders of Le Web (well-known not just for their influence online, but for their charming bonhomie!). They’d invited me a few months back to come speak and, it being a high-tech event, I received the invitation via Twitter.
It was daunting, but I had been issued a challenge. Come meet these denizens of the digital world and talk to them about how they can make a difference in the real world.
You can read the remarks or watch the speech at your leisure, but let me give you the gist: social media for social change.
The Internet is more humanized than ever before. Our thoughts, emotions, and actions are online and on display for all to see. This has enhanced our ability to empathize, our instinct to be selfless. It explains why the social media community rallies so fervently to social causes. Just look at the protests in Iran or the typhoon in the Philippines. 
Yet, while so much of the online world is abuzz about important problems, relatively few in the offline world were active in helping solve them. But I believe we’re at a tipping point. 
In the coming years our voices will echo out from sites like Twitter or Facebook, breaking digital boundaries into the analogue world. The real time web will bring real world change.
I hope to channel this energy towards one of my passions: education for all. Through 1GOAL, we hope to use the latest widgets and gadgets to sign up 30 million people by the 2010 South Africa soccer World Cup Final. 
One initiative is 1DAY for 1GOAL. From April 19 to July 11, 2010 (the World Cup Final), we want as many companies, applications, and blogs to dedicate 1 day to 1GOAL. Whether it’s changing their website’s background or encouraging users to sign up, we want you to come up with ideas to channel support for global education and pressure world leaders to follow through with their aid promises.
After the speech, I met the top web gurus of our time to talk about 1GOAL. These great minds came up with some great ideas to support the campaign, and I’d only just told them about it. I can’t wait to see what they come back with later after they brainstorm on more ways to promote 1GOAL! 
To see what we get up to, keep an eye on 1GOAL here on my website, or on!
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Monday, December 27, 2010

my dear queen Rania
i have to say that i foun these article very interesting and i think that you have done such a wonderfull job by creating these website and by showing the world the truth about many arabian stereotype and royal stereotypes showing people that royals care for their community and their contry. thanks for make me understand that royals do care for their people. oh by the way you are an awesome writter.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Bismillah arRahman arRahiim ~ In the Name of Allah Who is Infinite Compassion and Love

Dear Your Majesty Sister Queen Rania,

Assalamu Alaykum, Shalom and Greetings! May Allah Almighty the loving and merciful bless you, filling your heart, mind and body with divine love and peace.

I am a Syed Muslim male 43 from Pune, India and am of Indo-Iranian descent.

The scriptures of many religions speak of a coming leader who will consummate the fulfillment of the divine will on earth. He will manifest in his person the righteousness and compassion of God, and he will bring about the final defeat of evil, and establish the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. This person who will be specially chosen by God for this mission and empowered to accomplish it. Prophecies that a leader will come and accomplish such a mission are nearly universal.

Over the years Allah the Most High has granted me major spiritual and mystical experiences which are directly connected to the return of Jesus Christ or Hadrat Isa (as) as the world savior, with implications for world peace and therefore all of humanity.

The present problems that our world is facing, including that of Palestine, has gone far beyond human capacity to handle. Our world is gradually moving towards a clash of civilisations, between the Islamic and Christian world, which must be prevented at all costs. These can now only be solved by direct divine intervention by Allah (swt).

In this connection I have sent you several emails but you have not as yet replied back to any. If you really want to help entire humanity, specially the people of Palestine, I humbly request you to please kindly respond to this message and oblige.

I am approaching you because you are a modern liberal Muslim who has maintained excellent relations with the entire Islamic and Christian world. Also, you are the Queen of Jordon and thus have influence at global level.

With love and blessings,

Brother Naushad Somji.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Bismillah arRahman arRahiim...
As salam aleikum wa Rahmatuh Allah wa Barakatuh...

Please no more a only child to cry
Please no more a only child suffer for hunger
Please no more a only child dead for war
Please no more
Amin. Ashii Isa.
Alahamdulillah Rabb la'lamina.

Ayla Mahler
Sunday, March 21, 2010

My dear Queen,
My name is Ayla Mahler I am from Spain, it is an artistic name. I was born in Granada and since I was a little girl, I have listen stories and we have a strong Muslim heritage which you still can breathe in the town. I had big changes in my life since 4 years ago. My real surname is Guerrero which means Warrior, I have fight since I can remember, to learn other languages, living in other countries, suffering racism and know what means don’t have friends because I was a foreigner in middle Europe, because my parents were foreign workers who worked where the Germans didn’t want to. Now I turn back to remember and I know, that it had to be so, to live liked I lived, to aware now with 44 years, all the pieces are matching like a puzzle and although I am retired since I was 40, I feel me fortunate. All my live being self-taught, working since I was 14, and growing up by myself until I was the top designer in the most important toys company in Spain. I have designed and worked for the top brands in the world like Disney, Warner Bros. and many others. I have traveled a lot from Los Angeles to Hong Kong, Shang Hai and all Europe a lot of times. Being at the same time house keeper, mother and wife, I lived too fast and too stressed. Each time with more responsibilities, that at least can’t be paid with money, the missed moments with my children when they were babies. I have seen also the “back store” of some brands masked up with illusion for kids, which made me feel really bad, because I was a worker too, a normal person, who grow up until have a middle high live standard, through hard work.

On summer of 2006 I had a car accident, which turned my live in 180º, just two days after my last business trip to China. The saddest trip in my live, because I had to decide myself, press and negotiate same as if I were the owner of the company, knowing perfectly how unfair I had to be, and knowing that at least the workers would pay the consequences working like slaves. Meanwhile in Europe people where losing their jobs and knowing with years in advance that at least this big crisis would be explode in our faces.
I was work addict, and although I couldn’t work because of my health, I felt me guilty. Just through reading and later on doing meditation I have found a new sense in my live, painting and writing, I am self-taught also, I never had art or draw lessons. All my art is based on peace, love and hope, the pillars of all religions, and since I have “fight” all my live, I don’t mind to continue, but through art and with the best weapons who no one can defeat, love, peace and hope for all mankind. For my surprise I have a lot of Muslim followers they like a lot my artworks and my poems, my goal is to build a bridge among different cultures through the common language we all understand, which is art, at least everybody have the same dreams and hopes, to live in peace and be happy.

Actually the most voted in the web between more than 1858 artists.

Painting now is my live, the way to transmit my feelings, inviting the viewer to imagine a history, awake sleeping memories from subconscious, may other times, other lives...

All the artworks have their poem, which explains my feelings during I paint.
I would like to have support advicing me about the more appropiate artworks to use and helping with translation, I would give my book free for print and distribute for some cuase, I could also create an especial one using new artworks and poems.
They are registered and have author’s authenticity documents I want begin to sell them; I am open to any creative requirements or suggestion.
I am very happy because some of my art and poems has been published in a magazine from Saudi Arabia:
I know that some artworks don’t match with your culture, I am working right now in a collection called Arabia, I want to adapt my last art poetry book for Muslim market.
If some of you are interested on my art, please feel free to ask, prices are quiet reasonable, payment could be through Paypal which gives warranty to return if some one doesn't like them. I can't give the artworks for free, but their prices are quiet reasonable, and they could be used for auctions por peace or help causes.
I create for laste Christman a nice art book calendar called DREAM OF PEACE 2010 it is in English, I have also another book in Spanish. You can view all of them in the blog of my page

this one is dedicate for you:

I try to see always the positive view, sharing love, peace and hope.

It is not an usual ning page, I used it as a tool to upload my artworks and poems to Twitter & Facebook. I never invited to join, for my surprise, I have some followers and I didn't aware who important they are until a few days ago. The books can be download there in the blog and I have also separated artworks and poems which I use to upload daily. Feel free to sign in or some of your assistants, my discretion is absolute and not necessary to tell who you are, I use to welcome them and say that the only rule is to respect each other. There are no discussion, just people who has joined by their own decission, to follow me up.

My dream is to help how I can therough my art and my poetry.

Many thanks to give me the opportunity to contact with you so easy and please feel free to tell me any creative idea you may have, it would be a pleasure for me to do.

Kind regards from Spain

Ayla Mahler

Saturday, January 30, 2010

My lovely queen,

it's the time to support women's writings. you are the most influential female leader all over the world. please give it a thought: supporting women's writings. I am sure that you will read my comment. By the way, I adore your style of writing, even my M.A. thesis tackles your feminist style of writing and how translators can manage to translate your emotive lovely speeches. I would like to know who is your favorite writer?!

you don't know how much I enjoy reading your speeches.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

My lovely queen,

I adore you style of writing, you have a magic in attracting people to read.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

My lovely queen

you have just broken the the stereotypical images of royal figures by communicating with people via internet. you are reallllly sooo smart. people are amazed by you.


Monday, January 4, 2010

ForGift Tina Turner & Barry White - In Your Wildest Dreams
Queen rania Essoleh
Queen Salma Bennani
Queen Bèrangère Leclerq

Youssef Elaoud Massour.

Monday, January 4, 2010

greet efforts

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Merci de parlée du Web, comme vous avez fait, rester toi même.

Youssef Massour Elaoud,