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MONDAY, DECEMBER 7, 2009, 05:24 PM

My name. Your space.

Well, it’s been a long time coming, but we’re up and running now.I hope you enjoy the new look and feel of

It might have my name on it, but this is your space too. It’s a place where you can contact me directly…give me feedback… post photos… blog back…debate ideas…be part of a global campaign…suggest things for me to do and see…learn more about education…exchange information…and take action on issues we both care about it.

C’mon! What have you got to say for yourselves?

Have a look at My 5 for some inspiration…

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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Your Majesty - the document at was updated with expansion of Jordan's banking sector. Judith has the passcode if you would have one of your Admins give her a call - she has the instructions to verify its a Jordan State Department number. Thank you.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Unfortunately, for whatever reason, the engineer from Amman is unable to provide concrete samples for ASTM testing, and no longer wishes to provide the revenue he receives from licensing his products. We are maintaining the Queens Castle Cement (product of Jordan) etc., and our mission statement (donate proceeds to agencies, such as the SOS village Orphanages), but the post below is no longer accurate. WE - THE FOUNDERS, OWNERS AND TEACHERS RELATED TO QUEENS CASTLE CEMENT - STILL SUPPORT THE ORPHANAGES - but the engineer from Amman "changed his mind". You have our regrets, humble apology (and shame for his action), but if you wish to remove this post and our earlier post below, it probably does not below there any more.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Your Majesty,

Am new here, and I have a small comment about education in our beloved country. Why don't we have a way to help students to study in university even they didn't pass the high school. As for me I lost my chance in studying in university here in Jordan, and I can't study outside Jordan. I tried High school three time just because of math, couldn't pass, and that was long time ago. am 32 yrs now. And when I look at students in the states how they can study university even they didn't pass, that makes me think why we don't have our opportunity so we can get BA here in Jordan like anyone else?

Thank you

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Your Royal Majesty;

I asked for the engineers of our firm (GPP) to draft a plan for Jordan that eliminates your fuel and food imports. It is available at our web site at - Mozilla Firefox recommended - and to insure this confidential document is received by you or a secure Secretary working for you, the page asks two questions only your family would know (and we know), or this web master would know. The PDF download will proceed thereafter. One of the engineers who contributed to the PDF was the Lead Engineer for the Saudi Royal Family for 17 years. Mr. Constantzos, born in Alexandria, along with his wife, now lives in Washington D.C., and has worked for many Middle Eastern Nations developing infrastructure: Hospitals, Airports - even entire cities. So when we suggest the plan can eliminate Jordan's fuel and food imports in three years, the people behind the plan have developed exactly these types of projects for others, except in this case, Jordan doesn't pay for the development - we do. I hope you find the plan works for you and your country as well. PLEASE DO NOT POST THIS TEXT. Thank you.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Your Majesty Queen,

I would like to start by introducing myself. I am a Indian National presently working for a post production / VFX facility catering to the demands in the advertising and Film industry.
I have always been inclined to help people especially children and education (my mother being a teacher).You are one of the few royal's to actually have initiated a movement in this aspect which really rings a bell in our minds, that children of today need to be educated in order to face the ever changing economic and social environment in our present world.

My country, India also has various foundations for the same, but sadly no one to push it with such vigour and commitment as you do.

With the very little that i have to offer, Please do let me know if you feel I could be of benefit to any of your foundations.i am presently also a member of your 1 Goal foundation.

Let me end thisnote by expressing my gratitude for the oppurtunity to directly communicate with you, Your Highness Queen.

With bestest and most humble regards,
Mr. Vivian Britto

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Your Majesty, Queen Rania Al Abdullah:

We have launched an initiative in Houston,Texas,to implement cost effective screening and early detection services for Breast and Gynecological cancers in low resource countries. The nucleus of the projects will be a Well Woman Clinic which will adopt a holistic approach of providing a Well Woman examination combined with screening and or early detection of Breast,Cervical,Ovarian and Endometrial cancers. There is a rising epidemic of these cancers in the developing world and due to lack of awareness, social reasons, lack of health care infrastructure for cancer prevention. I request you to consider our invitation to serve as a Patron and goodwill ambassador of our nascent International Clinical Health Foundation. There is more information on our web site:

Thank you,

Clinical Professor of Radiology
Baylor College of Medicine
Chief Physician of Breast Center,Woman's Hospital of Texas

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Your Royal Majesty, Queen Rania Al Abdullah;


I am honored to have this opportunity to write you directly, not just based on your Royal Status, but because you are one of the few enlightened Queens in the history of civilization: how far we have come as a species, both through education and technology, that I might sit here in San Francisco, and per chance, you might glance at these words and find some inspiration for you, for me, for your Husband, his Majesty King Abdullah II.

Thank you, both for your review, and for the work you continue to do.

I write on behalf of one of your citizens of Jordan, Dr. Maher Manasra, who has agreed to allow me to assist him, to channel proceeds from one of his inventions on humanitarian causes: education, youth agencies, shelters for battered women, family and senior services. Here in the U.S., I have worked with at-risk youth, single parents, battered women, shelters and senior centers since 1983, and I am the CEO of Gold Pact Power, Inc. - a $460B (USD) concern ( Our firm requires concrete. Dr. Maher would like to be a supplier to our firm, and since he was from Jordan, and I find you to be an inspiration, I asked him if he was inspired by you.

He replied in the affirmative.

I asked him if he would help me help you inspire others - not with mere words - but with a Mission Statement that involved channeling proceeds from his work to help others, using his technology of cement to help build schools, libraries and other civic structures.

Dr. Maher again replied in the affirmative.

Based on his intent, we built him a web site at - named after your your Majesty. I would have called it Rania's Cement, but ... perhaps its current title is sufficiently elegant to support its "inspirational" message at the top of each page.

Originally we included your image on the page, and a statement on the home page that the Mission Statement (focusing profits on youth and family), was inspired by you, but Dr. Maher wisely suggested we first ask for your permission before including your image, likeness or any words referring to you.

My firm is real - please feel free to check.

I believe Dr. Maher's product is real - I intend to perform ASTM cylinder tests to see if it stands up to his claims.

I am fairly sure his commitment to youth and family is real and with my track record spanning back to 1983, I can be verified here in San Francisco for my work with youth centers, and Gold Pact Power's focus on communities, kids, schools, battered women shelters and support services for homeless mothers on the street with their children. These issues are near and dear to me, as I know they are to you.

Therefore, if we are real, and if your honorable Dr. Maher is willing to follow my advice, and donate proceeds from his firm to these cause, may I kindly request your blessing and approval, to present our home page to the general public, as it appears when you type

This appearance is only shown when the ?rania is added, but I would like to make it permanent, since the truth is; you were the inspiration for the Mission Statement, and to hide that fact does justice to no one.

I am an honest and honorable man. I assume beyond all doubt, you are an honest and honorable woman and a Queen respected beyond all others in the history of civilization, both by the number of people who feel that way, and by your own works, well known around the world. You can blush if you wish - but I said I was honest.

Therefore, if you will review, and by this humble request, approve of your image, your inspiration, our Mission at Queens Castle Cement - a product of Jordan - and the presentation shown above, then I will forward your approval to Dr. Maher, (who has a heart condition, so I will do so gently so he doesn't die of glee), and thereafter, the Queens Castle Cement web site shall reflect your wish and mine and his.

My profile and address are recorded on your site database. My firm is recorded herein, with my request, and I am easily reached at any time by your Majesty in any way you feel is convenient. I wish you and your King long, prosperous, inspired and inspirational lives; thus far it would appear my wish is coming true. Thank you.

Craig Mead: CEO
Gold Pact Power, Inc.

DW Duke
Friday, May 21, 2010

There is a great movie from 2000 called "Remember the Titans" starring Denzel Washington. Denzel serves as a football coach in a school in the 1960's that is beginning to integrate white and black students through a program called bussing. It is a truly great movie.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Dear Queen Rania,
I hope this message will get to you in a way or another.
My name is Talal Ali and I come from Jordan. I am currently working toward my PhD student in nursing at Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan. I graduated from Jordan University of Science and Technology with my undergraduate degree in nursing in 2004. Upon graduation, I was very optimistic and enthusiastic to continue my studies and earn graduate degrees. After working for almost three years as a registered nurse in Jordan’s hospitals, I decided to further my experience and pursue my graduate studies. This decision came at a cost though, because my family's financial conditions did not give me much support, therefore, I have been fending for myself for quite some time. Upon leaving home, I had great hopes to find some way to help me pay my way through school, having faith that one day I will be a successful professional.
After I arrived here, I was interviewed by the doctoral committee and received my approval (7-year program) to be admitted as a PhD student (BSN-PhD path), and started by registering for classes according to my plan of work. As advised by my professors here, I applied for several scholarships and assistantships hoping to receive anything possible, but luck was not on my side. I have been struggling for a few years. I work in restaurants and gas stations. Those jobs are only in addition to working as a research assistant, which I have been doing for two years. Unfortunately, all of this hard work has barely helped me save my tuition money and living expenses. As a responsible member of my family, I also am obliged to help my family back home in Jordan as well, and this is taking a real toll on how I live my life financially.
Two years of struggling, I took my nursing board exam in the state of Michigan and Alhamdulillah I passed it from my first attempt. Upon earning my nursing license, I am at a standstill, because all the jobs I have applied for won’t hire me because I am an international student. Also, being a registered nurse does not qualify me to get a working visa. I have consulted several lawyers here and the answer from all is the same—my nursing license in the state of Michigan is of no use and will not do me any good, because I am not established in this country. I am struggling with this issue and I have nobody to talk to. My family is all I have and even when I want to contact them, it costs me a great deal because phone calls overseas are expensive.
I have been offered a teaching assistant job for a pediatric course for undergraduates from my secondary academic advisor, Dr. Linda Lewandowski. This position helps me pay for a small portion of my tuition expenses, but it is still not enough to help me continue with confidence.
Queen Rania, I have the tenacity, courage, and strength to continue in my studies, but the only variable holding me back from moving on is my financial situation. The major purpose of my letter is to ask for help. I am confident that one day I will finally finish my doctoral studies and become a very successful professional. I want to help those in need, but at this time, I need help myself. I am kindly asking for a lending hand. If there is any way that you can help me, with some type of scholarship, assistantship, fellowship—whatever the case may be, I am ready, willing and able to take on any task in order to help my self get through my studies. Please understand that my drive to write this letter is based upon my passion for my field of work. I would be more than willing to produce a resume and proof of my credentials. I hope to hear from you soon.

Talal Ali

Monday, May 10, 2010

Dear Rania
I have recently started a campaign through TESOL Arabia to create a culture of reading in the UAE and the Middle East. Sadly, very few Emirates and other Arab nationals read as a habit and in doing so limit their success. I am hoping to secure your support. Please visit our website to see our Power of One Campaign. The more international role models like yourself that we can engage, the more powerful the message.
Hope to hear from you soon
Tom Le Seelleur